Draft & collaborate on your content

Google Docs Blog & Page Builder Shopify App

Google Docs is an ultra convenient way to create, edit and collaborate on any content. Rich in features and easy to organize. So why mess with a cumbersome Shopify text editor? Manage your content the way you love - in Google Docs! Embed and create your blog posts and pages in Google Docs hassle-free.

One click export to your store

Import seamlessly from Google Docs with one click into your store blog post, page or article. Create content on Shopify store with one click.

  • 1. Connect your Google Drive account where you keep your Google Docs.
  • 2. Select a Google Doc you want to import. Select target where to export (Page, Blog).
  • 3. Voilà, your page or blog post will be automatically created and viewable on your frontend.

Store content looks perfect

Now your store's blog and pages have a perfectly aligned content with correct HTML, Headings, Images and Tables - right where they are supposed to be!

App perks

Google Docs blog & page builder app is a must have for any seller that has a blog or pages and updates them frequently.
App's most important perks include:

  • One click seamless import from Google Docs
  • You can always change your Google Docs and pull all the changes with one click
  • Your store content looks beautiful - all images, tables and text are where they are supposed to be!
  • Multiple docs supported
Super easy to configure and use. The truly worry-free app to create pages and blog posts seamlessly.
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