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Before installing the Reputon app this Shopify store had terrible reviews on Trustpilot (see the screenshot). Efavormart had a large number of orders and all buyers who didn't like something about their product just went to the first Google link on "Efavormart reviews" and submitted their negative feedback. There were a lot of happy buyers as well, but such customers don't usually leave any feedback if they are not asked. There was no one on the Efavormart side to monitor and resolve complaints and the bad reviews just kept aggregating. Of course such scenario has an impact both on SEO and sales.

shopify store reviews
improve google reviews

Once the Reputon had been installed the situation started to rectify. After receiving their items customers shortly received the followup email asking for the feedback. Majority of unsatisfied buyers just clicked one-star link in email instead of browsing for a public Efavormart reviews. That one star in email redirected them to an internal Reputon review form which they filled in. The data from the form came directly to the customer support rep who eventually resolved the conflict. At the same time happy customers clicked 5 stars and got a chance to submit the Trustpilot review to show their feedback publicly.

After just 45 days since Reputon installation, as of 7/14/2019, Efavormart was raised from Bad (32 reviews) to Great (231) reviews on Trustpilot. All organic, honest reviews, made by real clients with no extra efforts from store owners. Incredible review growth raised the credibility of Efavormart store and improved its SEO.

Before installing the Reputon app My Pet Prints didn't have any online reviews at all. This was very bad for the SEO as well as for buyers recognition. People didn't really have any trust for the company that had literally 0 reviews online.

shopify customer reviews
improve customer reviews

Once the Reputon had been installed the big chunk of previous orders was automatically processed. All recent customers were sent a friendly followup emails with review requests and that helped to get an extra 30 reviews in just a couple of days.

After just 2 months since Reputon installation, as of 7/14/2019, My Pet Prints was able to get up from 0 to 95 reviews with Excellent rating on Trustpilot. Very impressive results for the Shopify store with literally zero initial reputation! Result achieved hassle-free on autopilot. Due to excellent online presence the SEO improved and potential customers now see who they are buying from.


Thousands of Shopify sellers have trusted their online reputation to Reputon. As you can see in the examples above a lot of them have absolutely stunning results within short periods of time. Don't forget that a lot of feedback on Google has a great impact on SEO and improves your search rankings.

The important thing is the freshness of the reviews as most of potential customers usually check the date on the review and if you have achieved some great results with Reputon, you should never stop to get your rating relevant and up to date.

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