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Shopify Competitor Spy • Detect App & Theme

Find out what Shopify app and theme your competitor is using

Every time you see a beautiful and successful Shopify store, you want to know what apps and theme it is using, so you can reproduce the best features. Shopify App & Theme Detector can help you with this.

What is Shopify App & Theme Detector?

Generally speaking, the Shopify App & Theme Detector lets you find out which Shopify apps are running on any Shopify store, as well as what theme it is using. Shopify apps or "Plugins" give your website an extended functionality - like product reviews, upsell popups, push notifications and many more. Once you know your competitor's choice of apps, it gives you a great jumpstart in ecommerce business!

Enter a website of your competitor to get the insight into what Shopify apps and theme it is using.

Apps are really important for Shopify stores - whether it is a drop-shipping or other type of online businesses. Knowing what app to install may help you to retain more users, make them come back more often and finally, motivate them to actually make a purchase.

Another very important aspect of an online store is having many good reviews on as many 3rd-party review platforms as possible - Google, Trustpilot,, ShopperApproved, etc. because search engines will always pull those reviews when your potential customers search any information about your store. If there are none or poor reviews - it would turn your customers away immediately. 3rd-party reviews look much more legit than the reviews on your own store (from the apps like, Loox, etc.) because users tend to trust independent resources, plus search engines prefer them as more trusted.

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