How do I install a reviews' widget on my site?

There is no way to show the reviews on your site with Reputon Customer Reviews app. To display reviews on your website use one of the following apps:

How do I customize widget style (color, font, etc.)?

You can do it via the Custom CSS block in every widget settings. See the examples and instruction here.

Customer Reviews App

How do I send the follow-up emails to my previous customers?

Reputon Customer Reviews app automatically collects all fulfilled orders up to 2 months old right after its installation. It will ask you if you want to process those customers and will send them the follow-up emails giving your business the instant rating boost.

How long do I wait for the reviews to start coming in?

The open rate for the follow-up emails depends on the subject that you set up, but typically it's something around 50-60%. The review link click rate depends on your custom email template, but usually, it's around 20%. Assuming that data, if you had 100 orders, you will get about 5-10 reviews (if everything is set up correctly). These numbers are subject to change, and you will be informed about your click and open rate in our monthly stats newsletter.

The number of new reviews strongly depends on the volume of your order. So please be realistic, and let the Reputon Customer Reviews app work a bit longer if you have a low volume of orders. Sooner or later the reviews will start popping in!

I configured just one review site. Is it enough?

Reputon Customer Reviews app will help you grow feedback on that review site, for sure. But the full potential of Reputon is uncovered only when you configure multiple third-party reviews sites and let the feedback grow on all of them (registering with Google My Business, Trustpilot or any other review site is free!). By doing so you will help the search engines pick your reviews pages on those sites and move you up in search results. The SEO benefits are immense if you configure multiple review sites, proved by hundreds of Shopify sellers! If you are struggling to find direct review links to other review sites, please check this manual.

How do I find my Google Reviews link?

Please make sure that you have an existing Google My Business account. If you do, Reputon Customer Reviews app will try to retrieve your review URL automatically. If you see that it failed to do so, first find your business by its name and the street address, then in the right block click the Write a review button. After the review form popup shows up, just copy the URL from your browser and insert it into the Reputon configuration. The link should look similar to this one: https://www.google.com/search?q=The+Fade+Game+Barbershop&oq=The+Fade+Game+Barbershop&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64l3.45187j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x89c2612c517eda8d:0xa3beaf260d84b999,3,,,

If you are struggling to find direct review links to other review sites, like Yelp, Trustpilot, ResellerRatings, Facebook please check this manual.

What email trigger do I choose? "Order delivered" or "Order fulfilled"?

Please choose the "Order delivered" trigger only if you ship with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express or Canada Post carriers. Otherwise, just keep the "Order fulfilled" trigger and set the number of days big enough for your packages to arrive to your clients.

Why do all my 5-star reviews show as "Not recommended" on Yelp?

This behavior is Yelp's business practice, as long as you have a free account with them. If you want your positive reviews to show up for everyone, you would need either to get a paid account with Yelp or switch to another service like Google Reviews, Trustpilot or Facebook Reviews.

What happens if I reach the email limit?

Your emails will stop sending until your monthly limit resets. You can upgrade to lift your limits.

Review links

Here you can add and edit the links to review sites that satisfied customers will be redirected to.

  1. Enter your exact ID so users can see your company's name and details when they click on it.
  2. Test all the links before submitting them. Make sure they lead to your company's review page.
  3. Set % probability of each review link in your emails (0 - 100%). It's recommended to set a higher frequency to the review sites where your rating is low. Find direct reviews link for Google, Facebook, Trustpilot & Yelp

Email template

Here you can edit the follow-up email template all your customers will receive after confirming their orders.

Email should be polite, simple and contain as many details about the order as possible - these will gain a better trust from your customer and make him want to leave a great review on your company.

From parameter is responsible for the email header in the list of user's emails, your company name is recommended.

Subject will show the title of email and should contain some details about the order (order number, for example).

Here is a palceholders list that you can insert into your mail body that will be replaced with actual data:

  • {{customer_full_name}} - full name of your client
  • {{customer_first_name}} - first name of your client
  • {{customer_last_name}} - last name of your client
  • {{product_title}} - title of the product your client purchased
  • {{order_name}} - client's order name
  • {{order_number}} - client's order number
  • {{feedback_link}} - feedback link that will be generated automatically based on your Feedback links settings
  • {{order_status_url}} - order status link
  • {{tracking_url}} - order tracking link
  • {{tracking_number}} - order tracking number
  • {{total_price}} - order total price
  • {{currency}} - order price currency

To see the final email with replaced placeholders just click the "Preview" button.

After you are finished with editing the template you can check how it will look in your user's inbox by clicking "Send test email" button.

Email Timing

This setting regulates what period of time is passed before the followup email is sent.

Order fulfilled option - this will be triggered after your order is SHIPPED so amount of days depends on your carrier speed and is recommended to be the 15-30 days.

Order delivered option - this will be triggered after your order is DELIVERED so the 2 - 5 days should be sufficient.


How do I check which apps or theme my competitor is using?

If you want to spy on your competitors and check what Shopify apps or theme they are using on their stores, check out our free App and Theme detector.