Amazon Sales Channel FAQ

Amazon Sales Channel FAQ

What is Amazon Sales Channel by Reputon and how does it work?

Amazon Sales Channel app lets you manage your Amazon orders and import Amazon products within Shopify. You can edit imported Amazon products directly in your Shopify catalog. No need to log in to your Amazon seller central anymore!

Important notice: Amazon orders and their properties will not be automatically pushed to Shopify, you need to link your products manually first (with Shopify SKUs).

What is "Import orders by fulfillment method"?

  • All orders. Import Shopify orders and Amazon orders for both Merchant fulfillment and Amazon Fulfillment
  • Only fulfilled by Amazon (AFN). Import Shopify orders and fulfilled by Amazon orders.
  • Only fulfilled by merchant (MFN). Import Shopify orders and fulfilled by Merchant orders.

What is "Import orders by product status"?

  • All orders. For Active, Draft and Archived products
  • Only orders of linked products. Import only Shopify product orders linked with Amazon products

What is "Order tags"?

You can add tags to orders transferred from Amazon

What is the "Products Linking" page?

On this page, you can link your Shopify product SKU with the corresponding Amazon product SKU

What is "Amazon Orders" page

On this page, you can check Amazon orders for linked products from the "Products Linking" page

  1. In Products Linking, Select Shopify product (variant) you want to link with Amazon product.
  2. Go to your Amazon Seller and select a product you want to link with Shopify product.
  3. Copy Amazon product SKU.
  4. Go to Listings and paste Amazon product SKU for the Shopify product you want to link
  5. Click Save

What is "Amazon Products Import" page?

On this page, you can import Amazon products to your Shopify store. Once they areĀ imported, you can edit product details directly in Shopify store.

NOTE: You import Amazon product with variants to your Shopify store. All variants have the status "Active" in Amazon Seller Central, but in Shopify the status is "Incomplete". It doesn't mean you have issues with Amazon listing. This status is returned by Amazon itself and does not affect on imported Amazon products.