Trust, indeed, is one of the core components for flourishing as a reputed business in the market, especially, for those businesses which are selling on Shopify, a Canadian multinational e-commerce company. However, for offline stores, this component cannot be ignored, undoubtedly. But how will you achieve that trust while selling through an eCommerce site?

Here comes the role of reviews that are available on the reliable and most used platforms. From these platforms, consumers often look for the reviews under their desired products/services.

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Role of online reviews for business in 2022

Researchers, to date, after consistently analyzing consumers' purchasing behavior found that during the initial search, a majority number of consumers go through the reviews of products/services on different platforms that allow diversified users to discuss and share their feelings and experience of using a product or service so that others can empathize.

Not to mention, apart from the surroundings' opinions, reviews that are embedded online are mostly considered before purchasing products/services thanks to the several reviewing platforms.

Reviews work in a very specific yet effective way which allows stakeholders, in particular, marketers to introduce and promote their products/services to their targeted customers with the view to giving them (customers) a proper understanding of what they are offering. And its essence is associated with the features of product/service has to offer. It has a huge influence on changing customers' perception and that leads them to trust online sellers with one of the most valuable assets- money.

Once you have sufficient positive or negative reviews to outweigh your competitors and stay consumer-friendly, the business present in Shopify, undoubtedly, will receive a significant amount of response from a majority number of potential customers; hence, your business will not be rewarded customer loyalty, one of the prominent elements for securing a secured position in the market.

In addition, those reviews will assist your business to appear on the first page of the SERPs as SEO LOVES REVIEWS!

Now that the prominent role of online reviews, both positive and negative reviews are implicit with a consumer purchasing decision, it is imperative to consider where those reviews should be and from where those reviews can be acquired. To date, several platforms have gained customers’ trust for exploring different consumers experience, such as:

Google Reviews

Of all the review platforms, Google, undoubtedly, is the most valued, and reliable source for not only search but reviews also available there against a product or service can add more value to it. To put it in simple words, if you want to improve your local search ranking and be on the top page of SERPs and also gain customer loyalty can help you with both of these. As you already know that SEO most likely exists for Google; hence, reviews that exist on this platform will undoubtedly add more value to your overall business.

Having Google My Business reviews helps with rankings and revenue. Online reviews on your Google Maps listing help your business stand out from the crowd. That’s how you make an impact. More importantly, it means your business is highlighting the fact that you offer great service or product, and that customers love you.

Moreover, it’s been found that a vast majority of 18–34-year-olds (91% to be exact) trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends. This most likely influences the buyers to consider your product or service since Google reviews assist them to look for confirmation on their upcoming decision whether they are taking the right decision or not.

Trustpilot Reviews

Did you know? A study found, “68% of consumers agree that positive online reviews make it more likely they will buy from a business; while 40% say that negative reviews make it less likely.” This statistic, undoubtedly, tells the strength of Trustpilot reviews under each product or service. To picture it more clearly, this platform is often considered as the second-best platform for trusted and valuable reviews from the actual users.

Needless to mention that Google loves positive and impactful brands and always shows them on the top of the search list with the aim to give them the best result instantly and also provide a quality search experience to people of all ages. For SEO, this is no exception. While doing SEO, it is important to determine the brand reputation prior to pitching for the first position in the SERPs. And reviews available in the Trustpilot can help you.

Facebook reviews

Another most used and effective platform for finding quality and accurate reviews is Facebook. Although this platform does not require any introduction, it definitely becomes useful for the business owners to intervene at the right time among mass people with a few moments.

As it is mentioned earlier reviews help brands or businesses to get more recognition from audiences, it certainly makes the presence more valid and strong. In order to become established as a reliable brand, it is important to get reviews so that your appearance to the customers looks acceptable as well as you can get it optimized. An optimized Facebook page means driving more potential consumers to your business which eventually results you not only get ranked in the search engine but also gain consumer loyalty effectively.


It is no secret that for quality and effective SEO, you need to have good reviews under your products or services; hence, the search engine will take your business for granted and award you the higher position in the search list.

To describe Sitejabber, it is also a reliable platform to boost reviews effective for online business and that empowers business to grow and scale through leading review collection and management tools. It, in general, enables businesses to leverage social proof to increase traffic and sales, improve customer loyalty and retention and share across social media to instantly boost online presence. In addition, this platform is also an official Google Review Partner allowing online businesses to become Google favorite and instantly improve SEO to a great extent.

Shopper approved

There was a time when people had to gamble on something they never heard of or wanted to know more but couldn’t and eventually bought it. Gone are those days because review platforms are doing the most crucial job to facilitate consumers to purchase better things with their bucks. Of all the platforms, Shopper Approved is a review collection and syndication tool. Businesses integrate with our simple, cloud-based application to curate ratings, boost reviews, and video testimonials from verified customers.

Through the present review on the Shopper approved, you are most likely to get to improve your SEO as well as drive more audience to your business, eventually, enjoy more conversion and ROI. Similar to the above-mentioned platforms, Shopper approved works in a very specific and straightforward way and it collects up to 10x More Ratings and boosts more reviews than other existing platforms.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest review platforms of all time because customer feedback collected through is automatically optimized for Google. And guess what! SEO takes that optimization very seriously and depending on the parameter of your optimization it will actually determine your position on the search page. Having embedded on a site, and integrated into organic star ratings, potential customers are more influenced to interact and convert; thus, this makes the site ‘useful’ which will affect rankings eventually.

Wrapping Up

Such paradigm shift can be driven through a trust which is desirable from different sources. Good days have arrived because brands can easily embed reviews widgets directly onto their website that are Rich Snippet friendly, helping them generate stars in organic search results.

Introducing Reputon Customer Reviews App, one of the most reliable sources for getting reviews on all the mentioned platforms, is solely committed to ensuring the growth of your Shopify reviews. With this tool, you will get an instant increase in your ratings on every possible review platform - Google, Trustpilot, you name it. The follow-up mechanism is very efficient and we guarantee that you will see the results from day one. Once you get your great feedback, you would understandably want to display it on your Shopify store. Look no further because Reputons will help you embedding Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, Amazon reviews, reviews, and Facebook reviews. Add these widgets to your website as per your preference and rest assured that you will begin to gain Shopify reviews that will improve your SEO and increase customer conversion.

Comparing Reputon Customer Reviews App with others, it can be claimed that this application is integrated with a wide range of platforms and is specifically made to boost your reviews on all of them at the same time. It will also help you to avoid negative feedback by directing one-star clicks to your customer support agent.

The most interesting part is it offers up to 50 follow-up emails per month for FREE! Why wait when you can get every review platform reviews improvement at a cheap range.