Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing

Below you can find Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Abandoned Cart Recovery apps. Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing app was developed by Recart. The rating is 4.8 based on 5508 reviews. Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing price Free plan available. 21-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: July, 2016

Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing summary.

SMS Marketing With Fully Managed Service: Text Campaigns, Automations, Abandoned Carts & List Growth 13,000+ Shopify brands use Recart to achieve 36.8X average ROI and add 14–33% more revenue. How? By letting us grow their subscriber lists, accelerate customer acquisition, and increase lifetime value. Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to build, implement, and optimize your text-marketing strategy from day one … for you. Our free trial includes custom website pop-ups, five automations — like welcome flows and abandoned cart — tactical SMS campaigns, and weekly reporting.

Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing features.
  • Fully-manage service to grow your business through SMS … so you don’t have to.
  • Custom popups for desktop & mobile with two-tap capture to increase conversions.
  • Automations to welcome subscribers, rescue abandoned carts, and drive reorders.
  • Campaign templates for weekly or daily texts: promotions, events & holidays.
  • Built-in compliance, real-time analytics, and 7-day-click attribution for sales.
Best reviews:
Date: July 01, 2022
Hands down the BEST SMS app I love the support you get one on one support. I also have the best Rep Jordan he takes care of us. If you are considering sms highly recommend recart. Show more
Date: June 29, 2022
Author: Always Covered
When ever I run a sale I use recart for text messages! I also have an auto discount on my home page. I was hesitant about the discount at first but it helps. I work with Greg and he's awesome. Thanks Recart. Show more
Date: September 07, 2022
Author: CornholeGamesUSA
It's free money... great support! If you aren't doing anything with your SMS this is the best option for you. Show more
Date: October 29, 2022
Author: Pretty Biznez
Recarts program is God sent. My clients are happier because they've never gotten so many consistent sales. It was a strain on me to figure out when to have a sale for my company, so I was having sales only during major holidays. Like, 4 times a year. Now, since hiring Recart and working alongside Jordan my account manager at recart we have sales every month and I can't keep product on my shelves. Recart gave me REAL CEO PROBLEMS! Jordan's visions for the sales to have are always on point. He creates the best copy and call to actions for our subscribers. I'm just happy to have recart on my team! Let's goooooooo! Thank you Ceo, and Jordan! Show more
Date: November 02, 2022
Author: Bastion Bolt Action Pen
Awesome app and support! Started seeing results pretty much immediately Best support service we have had in years! Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: January 04, 2021
Author: Jabees Store
We were getting some inaccurate 'Extra Sales' claimed by Recart so we started to write down the 'Extra Sales' and our actual sales on Shopify since 22-Dec-2020, we compared the data each day, unfortunately, almost 80% of the 'Extra Sales' are not really matching our actual sales. Let's take the most recent data on 03-Jan-2021 as an example, Recart said we've got 2 orders as the 'Extra Sales', however, we got only one order on that day. This is just one of the many inaccurate data we are having. Not sure if other users are having the same issue like ours? We sent messages to the customer support team. At the beginning, they said we should use the unique promo code for Recart - And yes we did, but the Extra Sales didn't match. We provided the screenshot showing all the proofs. And then the last reply we got is as below: "I have looked into the Sponsored Message and it had a different discount code, that I think you have not sent over previously. I have removed this code from the Sponsored message now, because I believe the code was still active, and that is why Recart kept attributing sales from it. Regarding the difference of the Extra Sales what you see on the discount code in Shopify and in Recart, the explanation is the purchases when the user does not redeem the code, but comes back to the store from a Recart message. A sale is attributed to Recart if a customer opens or clicks a Messenger notification sent by Recart and makes the purchase in the next 72 hours. Therefore, the code does not have to be used for Recart to count the Extra Sales, it is enough to get the message and purchase in the following 72 hours. Please let me know if it makes sense." I think they are telling us no matter if the sales are with the unique Recart code, or without the code, they can be counted as the 'Extra Sales' from Recart, so we've got to pay the higher monthly rate. That's ridiculous! On 03-Jan-2021, we got one order, and you claimed we got two orders and all these two orders were from Recart. How we can verify? Anyone has the same concern? We are happy to pay higher if Recart is really generating the extra sales for our store. But their replies are irresponsible and they don't even provide a solution on how we can verify where are the sales really from! Will keep spreading this out, reporting to Shopify and other social media platforms until we get a CORRECT ANSWER! Show more
Date: December 17, 2020
Author: Just Riding
We were really pleased with the guidance and support in getting set up I honestly can not fault them as a company with regards to attention to their customers, Anca was dedicated in looking after us and our business. Sadly shortly after installation facebook changed the way in which messages can be delivered which meant that we could not collect subscribers which was 80% of the point of installing the app, to offer a discount on a new messaging channel in return for future direct marketing opportunities. After FB's changes to all EU stores this was no longer possible. We flows which we set up to engage the customers who abandoned carts were also effected by this, without buttons they would no longer be able to return to cart to checkout from the message. We would also not be able to message anyone we had spoke to before on messenger.. along with many other limitation including no images in the messages also which was a shame. Its not the fault of RECART, I don't blame them as the changes facebook made due to GDPR were out of their control, however billing us for a product that did not work at all was more than a bit harsh. I think we should have been given an apology for all hours we invested into setting up the flows within the app, and refunded in full or had the option to be refunded in full. To be honest I think legally because the product was absolutely no longer as advertised they must refund us... but I would rather state my disappointment here and go our separate ways than chase a company for a wasted $300. Show more
Date: July 16, 2020
Author: Cool Ski Goggles
I'm a 1-year user. DO NOT RECOMMEND $$$$ Far too expensive, trust me! And if you want to cancel you need to contact their team which is very annoying. Got charged for 6 months and didn't get a sale, to be fair I wasn't advertising for traffic but they aren't fair to their pricing. Expect to pay a premium each month. Would only recommend to people who have a large budget, its not that great and a 'competitors have FREE options' that can do everything this tool does. Show more
Date: March 28, 2022
Author: Ethan Thomas Collection
This app is super glitchy. It stops working each month and you lose sales because of this. Support takes hours - days to reply and still Can’t fix the issue. I recommend researching for a different app Show more
Date: April 12, 2022
Author: Tushon
Beware!!!!! This app is a complete waste of time and money. We added it to our store and did paid facebook ads to get new subscribers. Once we decided to send our subscribers a notification of our sale and a discount code we discovered you have to pay a huge amount via a new facebook ad just to notify your subscribers. PLUS, Facebook will not deliver Sponsored Messages unless you have minimum 1000-2000 subscribers. What a waste of money to have gained the subscribers and also be charged on the first day by Recart yet we couldn't even communicate with our "own" subscribers! Huge waste of money and also the time we spent on all our new messenger flows! Have just deleted app and lost all those subscribers. Do not recommend at all! Show more

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