Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Below you can find Back In Stock: Customer Alerts Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Back in Stock apps. Back In Stock: Customer Alerts app was developed by SureSwift Capital. The rating is 4.8 based on 598 reviews. Back In Stock: Customer Alerts price Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: May, 2011

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts summary.
  • Push Notification, Email & SMS. Customers can sign up to receive an automated push notification, email or SMS Text Message the moment a product is back in stock.
  • Multilanguage Support. Supports all Shopify languages, including in sign-up forms, buttons and email templates (powered by Liquid), so you can expand your reach.
  • Easy to Customize and Setup. Takes minutes to install, no coding needed. We support any theme - personalize or make your own button with our JavaScript API.

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts features.
  • Stop losing sales when inventory runs out.
  • Notifications that convert
  • Simple setup. Powerful customization.
  • Scalable, stable, and supported
  • Great for Flash Sales, Coming Soon, & even Pre-orders
Best reviews:
Date: July 29, 2022
Author: Baltic Club
Nice app, and great customer service. I compared a couple of alternatives and that app was the one helping me the most with my needs.
Date: August 05, 2022
Author: Relaxus Wholesale USA
The back and stock app has helped us automate the process of notifying customers when items are back in stock, making it easy for customers to place orders and saving us a lot of time. Also, excellent support is offered.
Date: August 10, 2022
Author: Blackbird Fabrics
We have been using the app for over 1.5+ years and it is a great value for us and our customers. The customer service team is also very fast and effective with helping on any troubleshooting we have had. All around a great app!
Date: August 12, 2022
I reached out to tech support for help with the Back In Stock app - I was shocked how fast my call for help was responded too AND it was fixed immediately! Thank you!
Date: August 12, 2022
The team was able to resolve the problem within an appropriate amount of time. We were satisfied with the solution given.

Worst reviews:
Date: August 11, 2021
Author: Nappy Puppy | Weighted Blanket For Dog
Customer service is very not helpful. Don't use that app. The app look very unprofessionnel on the website.
Date: December 07, 2021
Author: Lioness
We uninstalled this app months ago and yet it's still on our website. Why? They should remove the code if the shop requested the app to be removed. Expect junk code living on your site after installing this. Very unprofessional.
Date: April 11, 2022
Author: Huskk
I don't understand the positive reviews here. There has been many cases notifications are just not being send out to the customers. Support has confirmed this multiple times saying they are working on it. I gave them one last chance last month, just to see that two weeks after we restocked again 0 notifications were send out. This is not an app that is trustworthy with my business. I need something that does what I pay for.
Date: August 01, 2022
Author: Cambio & Co.
Been using this app for 2 years, in theory it's great. I love the UI on the website, it has a great set of features with email+SMS. Lots of custom options to make it a great fit for our business. However it fails at one thing, one major thing.. you'll do a restock, have dozens of customers waiting for a notification... and... nothing. The app doesn't send the notifications. You write to support, sometimes they help you and manually send your notifications, sometimes they make you talk and talk and talk without actually fixing the problem. Emails are not being sent, which is the most basic thing this app should do. It's unfortunate, I even signed up a second store, but at this point I can't recommend this app anymore, those bugs are not getting fixed and support isn't able to fix it it either, and we are left with customers not getting their notifications.
Date: May 12, 2022
Author: Norvine
Not replying to emails, not fixing the issue (widget not showing up in other languages). they ignore emails.

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