Printout Designer

Below you can find Printout Designer Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Barcode Printer & Generator apps. Printout Designer app was developed by Actual Reports OÜ. The rating is 4.7 based on 77 reviews. Printout Designer price From $4.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: October, 2013

Printout Designer summary.
  • Faster Order Processing. Streamline your shipping process with the ability to create invoices, picking slips and labels in a matter of seconds.
  • Easy Configuration. Create any kind of documents from invoices to packing slips and barcode labels. You can add text, images, barcodes, QR codes and much more.
  • Unified Brand Identity. Customize your printouts to reflect your existing brand and storefront. No more manual copy-pasting to match your style and preferences.

Printout Designer features.
  • Customize Your Printouts
  • Batch Print, Download and Email
  • Automatically Print to Any Printer
  • Automatically Send Emails
  • Flexibility and easy configuration
  • The Customer is the king
  • Key Features
Best reviews:
Date: October 31, 2021
This print app saved our business. We found out late that bulk printing is something that is difficult to solve within Shopify. With this app, bulk printing is a breeze and packing slips are completely editable. Very satisfied! Robin
Date: November 19, 2021
Author: Motion Raceworks
We use this app to email our new orders to our HPEprint capable printers. This app saves us at least 1 hour per day printing orders. Support for this app is outstanding, they are located in Europe so any question they have they get to overnight and when you get to work the next day, it is available (work days). Highly suggest using Printout Designer to automate your order printing.
Date: January 17, 2022
Author: Bowtastic Clips
This app is great. For us (a small business who prints pick lists for orders) it is perfect. So customisable, so many different tools, data fields designs that you can make your own. A great editing tool. Support from developers is great too. Thanks Eric!
Date: January 14, 2022
Author: Woefwoefsnacks
Erik from the support was very helpful and patient. Happy with his service. It took me some time to understand the app but once you get it, it is handy.
Date: June 06, 2022
Author: Sillam 1835
Wouldn't use Shopify without this APP. Endless possibilities of creating your own templates according to your corporate design. Tags, Invoices, Certificates, Deliveries, ... you name it. The support is a real support and very reactive. Thumbs Up!

Worst reviews:
Date: December 08, 2021
Author: Oodieblan
They ask 100$ for customer support requests. And it's a shame really. Very disappointing from them. It's not like we are free customers. Edit: A lie mentioned in their reply here which I would like to point out. Here they are mentioning that the fees is in case of custom fonts. But in the email they mentioned the fees is also for the google fonts. After I gave them a 1 star they told me I was wrong because they only charge for custom fonts. When just before a different support rep said they charge for both. Not only they lied in the email, now they are trying to cover up here. Totally unprofessional & greedy behaviour. Edit 2: In the email they sent , they mentioned that adding any font will tax their system and hence they they will charge me 100$. But the thing is google fonts are actually loaded from google's server, please try to clarify how does loading google fonts from google servers will tax your servers for which you wanted to charge me ? The point is you guys do not want to admit your unprofessional behaviour in the email. You guys clearly lied about your servers being taxed by adding one font(which won't even be loaded from your servers) and wanted to charge me for it.

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