MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator

Below you can find MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Bulk Discounts apps. MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator app was developed by Space Squirrel Ltd.. The rating is 4.3 based on 237 reviews. MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator price Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: October, 2017

MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator summary.

MyBulk - Bulk Discount Creator lets you create up to 250,000 discount codes at a time. MyBulk - Bulk Discount Creator is an easy-to-use app for all your discount code needs. Create up to 250,000 codes in one go. Setup takes only a few click and you can export the codes to CSV for external use. * Easily create discount codes to run social campaigns * Run a loyalty program? Use Bulk Discounts to create discounts for your loyalty members * Use our app to create discount codes for your partners and affiliates

MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator features.
  • Customize your promo codes - give your codes more appeal and create unique codes
  • Run loyalty programs - give your most loyal customers unique discount code
  • Gain new customers - generate 1000s of discounts for your partners & affiliates
  • Export to CSV - export the codes to CSV file (Excel, GDocs...) for external use
Best reviews:
Date: November 21, 2021
Author: Exotic Stuff BR
Nice app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just start using this and I am liking it so much. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show more
Date: August 01, 2022
Author: The Brew Company
Great app, saves a lot of time and does exactly what we need. Highly recommended for everyone using mass discount code generation. Show more
Date: June 08, 2022
Author: 7 Bucks a Pop
Great app, does exactly what it says and the pricing is more than fair. Definitely recommend to anybody needing to create bulk discount codes. Show more
Date: August 08, 2022
Author: Raw Bites
Easy to use, the price is not so bad. Fast set up of discounts too. Happy with the app will keep on using regularly. Show more
Date: December 13, 2022
Author: Splendid Spoon
Used this app for years! Always works. Always reliable. Thanks for a great product that lets us operate efficiently. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: November 27, 2019
Author: AZ I AM : Modern Goddess™ Activewear
Doesn't work - routes back around over and over. Waste of time for a very basic function for a storefront! Show more
Date: October 11, 2019
Author: Ring Team
Whenever we do large amounts of codes it always errors out and never creates the full amount. Definitely needs work. Show more
Date: August 16, 2019
Author: IndestructiPods
I've used this for a while and it sucks. It wouldn't let me see my code and i paid money for it. ALso the 100 word minimum Show more
Date: August 02, 2021
Author: Your Masterpiece
Not happy at all. Don't use this app. Tried and is the same as if you create a discount in the shopify admin Show more
Date: November 14, 2021
Author: Courageous & Confident Club
If I could give a zero I would it did not work and there is no one on the weekends to help you. The worst APP ever, codes did not work for multiple discounts and lost sales because of that. No Thank you and anyone downloading make sure you know that there is no support on the weekends like most App have support! Bye Bye The App doesn't work then it won't let you leave a review hahahahaha Show more

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