Bulk Discount & Sales Manager

Below you can find Bulk Discount & Sales Manager Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Bulk Discounts apps. Bulk Discount & Sales Manager app was developed by Amai. The rating is 4.2 based on 241 reviews. Bulk Discount & Sales Manager price Free plan available.

Launch date: January, 2015

Bulk Discount & Sales Manager summary.
  • Manage Discount with Ease. Apply or schedule discounts to multiple products with ease. Manage your sales and set discounts based on Compare at Price or Current Price.
  • Flash Sales (NEW). Schedule and add a Flash Sales page to your Shopify store. Leverage fear of missing out, create urgency, and promote your best sales!
  • Add a Countdown Timer. Create sense of urgency on your sales campaign by featuring a fully customizable countdown timer to the products on sale.

Bulk Discount & Sales Manager features.
  • Get ready for this Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend with Flash Sales and discounting tools designed to help you sell more!
  • Apply discounts to hundreds of products instantly, improve your workflow, and save time managing discounts.
  • Advanced Discount Rules:
  • Essential features to help you sell more:
  • Bulk Discount Code Generator
  • 1-Click Bulk Discount Editor
  • Quick view for rules applied
  • Bulk Price Increases
  • Checkout Label and Sales Badge
  • Quantity Remaining and Countdown Timer
  • Bulk Discount Code Generator (NEW)
  • Sales Reports & Analytics Dashboard
  • 24/7 Live App Support (Live Chat + Shopify Developer)
Best reviews:
Date: February 28, 2022
Author: Deco Agents
It's awsome and vvery easy to use. I defently recommendet it! Can choose all collection and the discount price is correct :)
Date: August 02, 2022
Author: Miss Tiina
This app is awesome, it does exactly what I wanted it to do and the customer support is amazing. If you have any concerns, contact them! They are really nice and willing to help!
Date: July 12, 2022
Author: Sontèn
When I needed help they were quick, kind and professional in solving the problem. I recommend this app for the many possibilities of use.
Date: October 20, 2022
Author: www.iknowskincare.com
Easy app to use and love that you can run both automatic and codes simultaneously. It would be great if the app could be updated to include tiered discounts based on volume.
Date: October 29, 2022
Author: wayne chasan
Wow I am absolutely bowled over - I have never seen attention and service like this! I needed some help understanding how the subscription and app functions and I had near instantaneous feedback and assistance… I couldn’t have expected more help from any company. I am sincerely impressed!

Worst reviews:
Date: April 07, 2021
Author: Boutique Bubbles
DO NOT DOWNLOAD WILL SCREW YOUR CART ! CART PAGE LOOPING ENDLESSLY! First, the app rules were not working, support took 2 weeks to fix the issue ! by fixing the issue they created another one : our cart page was looping endlessly. They say they fixed the issue but the issue is still there ! This caused us a huge loss in terms of sales ! If you are on Prestige Theme by Maestroo "stay away from this app and all apps from SpurIT" this is the advice of Maestroo Prestige Theme developper !
Date: November 24, 2021
This app is worthless, I tried the free 100 products which is misleading as if you are setting an active discount and then you changed the products your quota is gone! Also the app asked for an access to orders and customers information which is a big question mark?? Not only this, when you delete the app you will need to delete all codes that the app installed in your theme as it will mess with the collection page. Time wasting!
Date: November 28, 2021
Campaign Time Turned into a Complete Fiasco. Because suddenly there was a problem. It's not fixed! It's complete bullshit!
Date: November 27, 2020
Author: Born Clothing
Highly recommend avoiding this application as you cannot count on it to work. It glitches almost every time I try to mark down a collection - of all days to have issues, it is Black Friday. I was immediately onto customer service after trying everything I could on my end and they said they would get back to me in 24 hours... on Black Friday. I explained we had to get it sorted sooner and no response. We pay for this application and this is the quality of application and service we receive on the most important day of the year for discounts - not acceptable. Will be uninstalling application and getting a different one
Date: November 23, 2020
Author: MOLIAE Beauty
This app just completely screwed up my theme!! It had the products of top deals section actually showing live programming code, mirage of product images, yes a gallery of sale items would parade for a few seconds on top of black programming code. I was livid! Then I tried to remove that section, ok why when I am checking other places it had my products recommendations all wacky with more code ! Then I tried to just turn it off, ok why that dont work. Then I said hell with it and remove the app -- omg, it went worse -- now everything will stay on sale with no way to fix it. Tried to reach them thru chat but only a bot answers, then was able to connect but told that it had to go up to a higher level ?!! What, I have to go online... why now several hours later nothing ... So I tried to remove what I could found of their code, but nothing worked. This is a lesson to all of us struggling with little time and no extra money to waste is to back up / duplicate your theme. The one that was still had their code in it guess when it was dup after downloading their app. Rest assured, I WILL NEVER download their app again. I rather pay 100.00 month with the theme upgrades currently using which by the way I am getting so many features and easy peasy. But last night was the WORST, the only option available was me to fix it by redoing my whole site with a new theme and content!! Otherwise, it would be still sitting there with codes everywhere for visitors to see. You cant remove or take off the sales tag, nothing worked. I think their override of a complete store template conflicts with something and there is currently a bug virus in it and they need to put it hold on until further tests because people dont got time for downtime over an app that will shut everything down !! If I didnt just do something, I would be still sitting here waiting on their yesterday last message to be patience as they will get back to me with a next level expert. Huh-thats ok. smh.

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