Code Customizer

Below you can find Code Customizer Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Cash on Delivery (COD) apps. Code Customizer app was developed by Ecomfy. The rating is 2.6 based on 14 reviews. Code Customizer price $10 one-time charge. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: November, 2019

Code Customizer summary.
  • Custom HTML. Add your custom HTML snippets to any pages, collections, blog, all products or event some specific products.
  • Custom CSS. Quickly and easily add custom CSS for varied screen sizes (Desktop, laptop, mobile ...) to your store.
  • Custom JS. Add your custom Javascript to your store easily and instantly.

Code Customizer features.
  • Key Features
Best reviews:
Date: October 02, 2021
Author: Inluma
December 27, 2020 Review Updated. The customer service came back to me and they helped me to fix an issue that I had, also they are super friendly and helpful. This app does what it says and it's very easy to use. I also recommend getting the premium to have access to HTML, it's cheap and it's 1-time pay, differently from a lot of the apps here in Shopify, where they ask you to subscribe for a monthly fee. Nice one. October 02, 2021 The app doesn't work anymore. It's keeping crashing and it's impossible to use.
Date: September 27, 2020
Author: Gökhan Cakir
The app is very good, unfortunately it doesn't work with the chrome browser. Error: The app could not be loaded This app cannot be loaded due to a problem with the browser cookies. Try to activate cookies in your browser, try another browser or contact the developer for help.
Date: August 05, 2020
Author: LillyTay
I downloaded the app because I was trying to add affiliate link/banners to my shopify store and couldn't find a way to do it until I found the Youtube video about this app. I downloaded it and I started having trouble with adding the code. Andrew was extremely helpful and I couldn't be more happy with this app. It was exactly what I was looking for.
Date: May 12, 2020
Author: AlignedPosture™
this app has custom css, html and javascript, which is the best you could ever expect, i have used this app for 3months now only to reply, and i must tell you that i really recommend this app, also their response to questions are really fast like REALLY FAST.Also easy to use navigations since if u wanna custom edit that means you will have to use it really often-no bugs, no advertising at all, very user friendly
Date: December 23, 2021
Author: Lean Orb
It is a very useful app. It is one of a kind, and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to insert code into their website. However, as of December 23 2021, the app no longer works, and it keeps crashing. I hope it can be fixes as soon as possible.

Worst reviews:
Date: September 30, 2021
Author: The Food Folks
APP is NO longer working after using this APP the Dashboard is crashing , we are stuck We cannot revert the changes made
Date: January 31, 2022
Author: MicroKits LLC
They charge an extra $10 for HTML customization, so $20 total. Whole app didn't work after a few hours, something about not connecting to the external server. I figured out how do do everything I needed without this app after a big of googling.
Date: April 05, 2022
Author: Isoardi Group S.R.L.
I installed this app and it crashed right away (my Shopify keep trying to load the page app, then it appears the error message "Something went wrong, please try again ...". I also paid 10$, but nothing... the app still crashes. I'd like to contact the developer but it seems impossible.
Date: March 09, 2022
Author: Spindle Dust
App is constantly crashing, but if you can bear with it, you might be able to use it somewhow. Although today, on trying to access it so I can copy any existing code into a new code customiser app, I cannot access it at all....getting a 401 error every time.

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