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Below you can find Mailmunch ‑ Email Popup Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Coupon Box Popup apps. Mailmunch ‑ Email Popup app was developed by Mailmunch. The rating is 4.6 based on 544 reviews. Mailmunch ‑ Email Popup price Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: April, 2015

Mailmunch ‑ Email Popup summary.

Mailmunch is a powerful email marketing tool to help you increase user engagement & grow your list. Mailmunch helps you engage with customers via customisable email campaigns, landing pages and forms. It allows you to capture leads directly on their website or blog through interactive opt-in forms, leverage beautiful templates for creatives, send automatic welcome emails, and measure how users interact with each campaign. It also provides an intuitive dashboard allowing you to track your number of subscribers, average open rate and click-throughs as well as insights into visitor behaviour.

Mailmunch ‑ Email Popup features.
  • Behaviour driven automations that send targeted emails at the right time
  • Dynamic lead-generation forms & pop-ups with 100's of customisable templates
  • Automated welcome emails that are triggered every time a customer signs up
  • Broadcast emails that are sent to 1000's of customers with advanced segmentation
  • No-code landing pages that are easy to design and execute in a single click
Best reviews:
Date: October 17, 2022
Author: CalsAllCrafts
easy to follow instructions, easy to set up. Hopefully it will do what I won't it to do and that is a pop up email subscription Show more
Date: November 24, 2022
Author: MAD EGO
Great app and great support! All my questions were clarified within a really small amount of time. Thanks to Justin! Show more
Date: December 12, 2022
Author: my copenhagen kid
I have used this app every now and then for years and it works like a charm. Customer service is also great. Show more
Date: December 09, 2022
Author: Authentic Pizza Ovens
The support was great. We were very happy with Andrew's assistance and his response to our queries was quick. Thanks a lot for your help! Show more
Date: December 05, 2022
Author: Sir John's Gifts
The Support team is very helpful , and it really helps our website to get improved. Application is very friendly as well Recommended APP ! Thumbs Up! Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: July 14, 2021
Author: Tilamionline
This is terribly insane to charge more than once, especially for a starter, the fees charged is much more than other edm apps. Charged 24.99 at the first place, and then 49.99 for a premium newsletter template, and telling me if the page exceeds a certain amount, they are going to charge more! All the fees are not clear and far more than the plan tells you, so ugly the way you people make money, Show more
Date: March 04, 2021
Author: OhSpecs
Over the past 15 days, mailmunch twice disabled the emails of messages, there is no support on weekends. Both outages resulted in a loss of sales and customer confidence. Updated! Even on Monday, no answers from support. Updated. Message from mailmunch - We are also currently working on expanding our customer success coverage to 24/7 so esteemed users such as yourself do not have to face any such inconvenience. Updated - It was disabled 3rd time during 20 days Show more
Date: November 02, 2021
Author: The Cuddly Owl
This does the job just fine for email subscription pop-up, but is NOT transparent about its pricing and features for paid plans. Also it charges significantly more through Shopify than it does if you sign up separately. I upgraded from free to $14.99 a month so I could send emails to my customers and was just informed I can't send a 3rd email to my customers (yes, 3rd ever email! I've been in business for two months!) because I hit the "limit" that is not listed anywhere. That's after they encouraged me to upgrade so I could send emails! I double checked the fine print which I always read and save, and it was not mentioned. If you want to use them for emails, just go direct through their website and save significant $$$$ or my advice would be to look elsewhere. Show more
Date: July 20, 2022
Author: BK Saber Sounds
False Advertising. The App store shows this has a FREE plan, which is 100% not true. The only option it gives you is the Premium Plan when you sign up for the trial. I then Chatted with Mail Much and asked "how do I sign up for the advertised FREE plan?"....they responded with: "Hi Bryan, thanks for reaching out. Mailmunch no longer offers a free plan. When you create an account with Mailmunch, you will automatically be assigned a 14-day trial, after which you can choose to upgrade to the Premium plan." Show more
Date: June 14, 2022
Author: Shoppers Bar
There development uses wrong practices to lure people and they themselves do not provide accurate information. Such practices should be suspended from Shopify. They mention on the page under Free: Unlimited Subscribers Forms & Popups Landing Pages When you install the app, they automatically put you on a 14 day trial, WHY, where is that mentioned ? When convering with them over the email, they say they are not free, if that is the case then why it is not mentioned upfront on Shopify App store, they are only misleading people. Earlier the app was free for 1-2 forms, and it was a good app, but not anymore since they are using immoral tactics to lure people, then they say all old people who were using earlier, there app is still free, but that is not my question, the question is immoral ways used to lure people without disclosing full information. Stay away from these people, when the support does not know what is mentioned on there website interface as promotions, it becomes very dangerous as marketing team will promise what they want.. Show more

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