OptinMonster Email Popups

Below you can find OptinMonster Email Popups Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Coupon Box Popup apps. OptinMonster Email Popups app was developed by OptinMonster. The rating is 3.1 based on 16 reviews. OptinMonster Email Popups price $49/month. 30-day free trial.

Launch date: January, 2018

OptinMonster Email Popups summary.
  • Smart Exit Popup & Email Popup. Smart exit popup, email popup & coupon popup builder. Join top websites and grow your list, get more leads and increase sales!
  • Popups to Help You Sell More. Boost sales conversions with smart popup targeting. Use exit popup and coupon popup templates to reduce cart abandonment and grow sales.
  • A/B Split Test Popup Forms. Get all the stats you need to grow sales, then split test your ideas to increase exit popup, email popup and coupon popup conversions.

OptinMonster Email Popups features.
  • Smart Exit Popup & Email Popup by OptinMonster
  • How OptinMonster Exit Popups & Email Popups Can Help Your Store Grow
  • Exit Intent Popup Trigger Included!
  • What Do You Get With OptinMonster?
  • Largest Selection of Desktop & Mobile Optimized Popup Templates and Other Lead Form Options
Best reviews:
Date: March 10, 2021
Author: Christian Pure
This app has gotten a number of negative reviews due to its poorly-done integration of a subscription option through Shopify. Here is a review of the actual product: I've been using OptinMonster since 2015 for various sites I have. They pioneered a lot of the techniques you see everywhere now, like "exit intent". OptinMonster is expensive(but they have good Black Friday deals), and I've tried many times to switch to a more affordable provider. But the other providers all force me to make compromises on the feature set, ease of integration, and user experience. The types to behavioral targeting you can do in OptinMonster is unmatched by any other tool. There is a big difference in product quality when you have an entire team dedicated to making the best opt-in forms, versus those forms just being one feature of many in an app like Klaviyo or Mailchimp. I can't speak on this $50/month subscription they offer through Shopify. That seems stupid. I bought a subscription from then in 2015 through their website. My recommendation is to buy from them during Black Friday when they are usually 30% off.
Date: February 20, 2020
Author: S&K Greenhouse
This app is incredible! I have used it to make popups and floating bars which has helped me to get new leads and increase conversions. It is well designed and simple to use. I synced it to my Mailchimp account so all my leads flow into my email campaigns. If you are paying for traffic to come to your website this app is a must-have. If you don't have a technology like this in place you are leaving money on the table. It has easily paid for itself just from the popup I use to distribute my coupons. Not to mention the sales I will make later on from the leads I have captured. 5 stars!!!
Date: August 07, 2019
Author: ORGANIC 1 Co.
Love this little app. Customer support is great too. I think it also has some other great features besides exit intent. Thank you!
Date: June 15, 2019
Author: Artisan d'Asie
One of the best popup app out there. Very flexible in terms of features. It is a game changer in terms of lead generation.
Date: March 11, 2019
Author: MyExcelOnline
OptinMonster is the No1 tool that I use to increase my email list & webinar attendees, which leads to thousands of dollars for me each month! With their easy to use templates, analytics and support, it is a must have app for any online business.

Worst reviews:
Date: July 05, 2021
Author: DearBBall™
The application does not work. Customer service can't find a solution. I want to get a refund because it doesn't work but they refuse because the 15 days have passed. But paying for something that doesn't work must be refunded.
Date: June 20, 2020
Author: Bedtime Bliss
SCAMMERS! DO NOT USE THIS APP This company will do ANYTHING to take your money. BE WARNED - even if you uninstall this app from your Shopify Store, they will continue to charge you. DO NOT USE! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE THIS APP. SCAM
Date: December 20, 2019
Author: Ugritone
Otherwise it's a good app but one notorius thing happened: I added the app from shopify app store, and it does say 49$/month pricing. I approved and even got an e-mail from shopify about optinmonster saying: You‘ve approved a recurring charge for an app with a 30 day free trial. and it also states Charge amount $49.00 every 30 days. STILL after 30 days without ANY warning or notification the 30 days trial ended and optinmonster stopped working. The account on optinmonster said that I don't have a plan selected and I should choose one. I had to choose the one we had and update payment info directly from optinmonster site. But there's not 49$/month option. There's only an annual plans where you have to pay the whole year beforehand, and you cannot get a refund even if you choose to quit during that year. Of course I did not pay around $500 at once so I chose a cheaper plan. This feels like a scam, and ended up Optinmonster losing revenue, and of course we too since it took a while to get this figured out and we had to stop advertising etc. until it was solved.
Date: April 14, 2019
Author: We Made It Bitches
So please take note that the integration automatically signs you up for the $49USD a month plan. And after many emails with their support about asking to be downgraded, I was told I needed to cancel my account, then start a new account by going to Optinmonster and do the integration from that end, choosing the startup rather than the top plan which is what you will be signed up for you choose this app from Shopify, and then you have rebuild all your live campaigns. So either know that going in or don't use them at all. There are many other apps that have higher reviews and better support; https://apps.shopify.com/groovejar are who I have jumped ship to. Not only that Optinmonster keep pestering you for a review. You won't get any service from these guys.
Date: March 05, 2019
Author: TorchPal
this app is terrible.its so terrible that the bug almost cost me before i launched.im really mad but relived that me and my busniess partner caught it early

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