Quantity Break & Tiered Price

Below you can find Quantity Break & Tiered Price Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Discount apps. Quantity Break & Tiered Price app was developed by SolverCircle. The rating is 4.8 based on 45 reviews. Quantity Break & Tiered Price price $12.99/month. 30-day free trial.

Launch date: September, 2017

Quantity Break & Tiered Price features.
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Best reviews:
Date: May 26, 2021
Author: PromoGuard™
This app is great. Very easy to use and their customer service is wonderful. They get right back to you and there hasn't been anything they couldn't acommodate. Thank you so very much!
Date: September 09, 2021
Author: Walkingon
This app is very good and worth recommending. Special thanks to the staff for helping me deal with the problem
Date: September 28, 2021
Author: Vu Line Direct. More Money in Your Rocket!
This is perfect app for your store! Customer service is great and very helpful. They will solve your problems on the best time that they can offer.
Date: April 04, 2022
Author: Gift In Lab
WHAT AN SUPER TEAM!! The app is awesome, it helps me a lot to raise our AOV 30%. Thank you so much for supporting me, I really appreciate. Keep it up! I will recommend you guys to my POD community
Date: March 30, 2022
Author: オリジナルプリントならおまかせK2PRINT
This app has been very kind to solve the problem. The best! Moreover, he responded very quickly. He kindly told me the corrections.

Worst reviews:
Date: October 12, 2019
Author: Sundial Wire
Uninstalled. Zero stars more accurate. Short version: Basically doesn't work at all and removes all the product thumbnails. All of them. If you try this app, make a copy of your theme first. Even after uninstalling, thumbnails didn't show up. Had to go back to copy that thankfully I had made of my theme before installing. Details: Once I added a group, all product thumbnails disappeared, the discount display box did not appear for any products in the group and the amount was not deducted in the shopping cart. The only effect of this app was to remove the thumbnails and put up a banner to say how much was saved even though that wasn't shown in the cart. Not worth the hassle of reporting this. Why can't apps work, especially when they're not free??? Also, when adding products to a group, the box to choose variants did not show up when the name of the product was too long. I worked around this by removing the products where this was the case, adding them back, and clicking on the variants when the products were at the bottom of the list, but this is lame.
Date: May 15, 2019
Author: Concetto è
I tried it, but it's too complicate to set up. Minimum quanitity is not working, checkout loading is too slow from the cart. Also I had another app acting in the cart page and this one went on a conflict with it.. I think it would require too much work and communication with the dev to get to the final good result, since the beginning of the adventure is too far from a good final result. For my experience it makes sense to start a cooperative work with devs when the app is already "almost perfect" by itself. Otherwise make no sense and , in my opinion, it make no sense to call it "app". It should be call "expert support" to get to your target. An "app" should be ready to go with exceptionally something to adjust. Something "ready to go" and a lot of things to adjust is the opposite of an app
Date: April 07, 2018
Author: 4 Green Plants
Would rate 0 if I could. 1-star is generous. Worst customer service I have ever experienced with an app. You should save yourself a lot of frustration. You are required to give them permission to update the theme. After the app was installed the check out button didn't work and no product pictures appeared. The tech person said I need to "fix my theme" before he could work on it. My theme was fine until he started dicking around with it!

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