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Below you can find Apliiq ‑ Print On Demand Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Dropshipping apps. Apliiq ‑ Print On Demand app was developed by Apliiq Inc. The rating is 4.5 based on 352 reviews. Apliiq ‑ Print On Demand price Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: February, 2019

Apliiq ‑ Print On Demand summary.

Create premium branded clothing products on demand with no minimums. Warehouse & fulfill orders. This app is built by a team of apparel experts to help you design and sell premium apparel products to make more sales & earn more profit. The app automates all aspects of product creation, ordering, and fulfillment to save you valuable time. Only pay when you make a sale, to conserve capital and simplify planning. Orders are fulfilled from both coasts, with 2 days average shipping, making it a perfect app for North American stores.

Apliiq ‑ Print On Demand features.
  • Undisputed Apparel Experts: Our team of clothing experts is here to help you.
  • Go Premium: Use the same strategies to brand apparel as your favorite brands.
  • Private Label Everything: It's only your brand, no wholesale tags.
  • Fully Automated: This app handles all the details to fulfill your orders.
Best reviews:
Date: January 07, 2023
Author: Jonas Claesson Shop
We are very happy with everything that Apliiq has done for us since we began working with them. The App is nicely integrated with our Shopify store, and everything runs smoothly throughout the entire process, from adding the designs, right through to shipping the item to our customers. On the occasions when we have needed to ask for advice or assistance, the response has always been super fast, incredibly friendly and very helpful. We look forward to growing our fantastic working relationship going forward! Show more
Date: December 30, 2022
Author: RADO Threads
Great Shopify integration. Customer service is also amazing. I worked with Kim and she had very fast responses and was extremely helpful and nice! Show more
Date: January 19, 2023
Author: Future Moves Clothing
I'm a big fan of Apliiq. They do an amazing job of helping you figure out how to start and run a clothing brand. Probably one of the best things about them is their customer service. You can chat with them super easy, and they are extremely attentive. Erin in particular has helped me out a ton -- getting up and running there are little things that go wrong, and Erin worked with me to fix them immediately. Without hesitation she resent a customer a shirt due to an error. Thats just one example! Thanks Erin, and Apliiq. Show more
Date: January 27, 2023
Author: Crucial
I'm new to Apliiq and I'm loving the service. I receive sample shirts back usually with in a week. Quality is great and customer service is terrific. Keep up the good work! Show more
Date: January 27, 2023
Author: Whatever Wear Apparel Company
When pursuing our goal to launch our brand, a few months ago, we were novice to the world of Print on Demand and eCommerce. We were also reluctant, until we discovered the Apliiq/Shopify integration. Apliiq offers a wide range of tutorials and content, on their website, that has made us well informed users, quelling that trepidation we initially faced, when starting. Since we began our journey, we have booked a "New Partner Introduction" and "Plan Your Next Collection" calls with Apliiq experts. In addition, we have had several live chats and corresponded with Apliiq experts via email and telephone. The team at Apliiq has always been more than happy to assist and provide us guidance related to Apliiq; and specific topics germane to how Apliiq and Shopify interface. In a most recent correspondence with Apliiq, I ordered a product via dropshipping. Due to the low resolution of the file, the design did not appear as expected. I reached out to Apliiq and explained the situation, and Pete from Apliiq, called me personally and offered a courtesy remake of the product design. Pete was also gracious enough to take time and discuss the details of the artwork approval process. This was very helpful refresher. We've also ordered "samples" through Apliiq, and the quality of the design/print and private labels have been excellent! We look forward to continuing our business partnership with Apliiq, and are confident this partnership will continue to be successful and create successful experiences. Thank you Apliiq for all that you do! Most Sincerely, Lamonte Whatever Wear Apparel Company Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: June 13, 2021
Author: The Great North
There is a reason apliiq has so many 1 star reviews. Highly disappointed that this company has not improved after 3 years Show more
Date: December 01, 2021
Author: Invisible Trendsetter
I ordered 4 items from Apliiq. My date of arrival was Nov 22nd and it's now Dec 1st. Also not everyone does well with constant virtual customer service. answering your business phone to show transparency would be great. I also never even recieved any tracking information in my email! this is my first time using this company for business and it may be the last. There are too many manufacturers that work at getting packages to customers in a better manner! I'm actually less than 20 miles from the headquarters and I work in Orange County so I would have much rather "will called" my order if they offered that service! Show more
Date: August 24, 2022
silly prices, terrible interface cool concepts and creative print options but for the prices .....not a fan sorry Show more
Date: December 20, 2022
Author: TheDynaSmiles.com
I've used various print on demand providers over the years and this company is now at the bottom of my list. Actually, they are no longer on my list as the quality of their print work on sweatshirts is so low that I will never use them again. I sell my art designs on Gildan sweatshirts every year for the holidays and this year I decided to go with Apliiq because of their excellent reviews and I wanted to automate this portion of my business. Unfortunately, their print on demand quality, especially on RED GILDAN SWEATSHIRTS, is far from excellent... more subpar and below average. Anything printed white appeared as pink. So my Santa Claus's beard was pink... a pink beard on Santa?! Oh... he had pink eyes too. One person comment how my Santa looked high... that was NOT the look I was going for. I brought this concern to customer service and they pretty much told me that's just the way DTG is, even though I insisted that my other DTG vendors were able to print white on red without issue. That was the moment I should have left but I didn't and decided to give them a chance. So I kept them as my supplier and processed over 300 orders with them between October through mid December 2022. Now I'm dealing with customer complaints daily in my inbox and on social media. Every single last complaint was about the print quality. I understand that some of the fabric will bleed through the ink but the amount of bleed through from their printing process was terrible. I offered red, green, black and dark gray sweatshirts and the print quality on all of them were extremely poor but was most noticeable on the red ones. Some of my customers have now requested refunds just from looking at the shirt right out of the package while others have requested refunds due to the art fading away after one wash. I even had one customer who bought a shirt from me 5 years ago and from this year share photos of how the shirt from this year has faded. The 5 year old shirt looks like it was the one just bought. In addition to the terrible print quality, they ran out of stock on the blanks I needed the most and didn't alert me until well after that fact. This caused me to scramble to find a replacement vendor AND to cancel orders. All in all, I had 22 order cancellations due to them being out of stock. Other issues were present but were most likely due to the rush of the season. Still, having customers request refunds and shame me on social media all because of Apliiq's poor print quality has put a stain on my business. My customers don't know who Apliiq is so I'm the one dealing with the fallout. Lastly, their online portal is outdated and does not do a good job of keeping track of the nuances with each order. If you're only using Apliiq to print your t-shirts you may fair better than me. However, if you're using them to print on sweatshirts for your apparel business... RUN!!! Shout out to their customer service rep KIM who was the most helpful even though I was not happy with all of the headaches. The one star is for her. Show more
Date: December 15, 2022
The product quality is terrible, especially for the price, I ordered 2 hoodies, which ended up being $107, the hoodies took 2 weeks just to ship, and the digital print quality is awful. It looks like it's been worn for a year, it's all faded and cracked, the colors look off and I haven't even washed them yet. Thankfully no one has bought anything from my store yet since I'm just starting out. I tried contacting them twice about why my order was taking so long since it was a very small order and I never got a response back. The tag on the hoodie is faded too and part of my logo is missing. Their website is really bad as well, the design feature is not intuitive at all and very basic. Did I mention their pricing? One hoodie costs 47 just to print (back, front, and sleeves) and the print is all cracked and faded, the hoodie came in the bag with hair and lint on the hoodie. Definitely would not recommend it. I was really optimistic considering all that they had to offer, but Apliiq is not worth it. Wasted my money and time. Show more

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