Two Fifteen ‑ Print On Demand

Below you can find Two Fifteen ‑ Print On Demand Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Dropshipping apps. Two Fifteen ‑ Print On Demand app was developed by Two Fifteen. The rating is 4.4 based on 84 reviews. Two Fifteen ‑ Print On Demand price Free to install.

Launch date: January, 2018

Two Fifteen ‑ Print On Demand summary.

Automate your order fulfilment with Two Fifteen Integrate your store and orders will be sent straight to our fulfilment team based in the UK. From here we’ll handle everything from printing to shipping. We print and ship every on demand order from our UK factory within 1-5 days. Once your item is printed, our quality control team check your order to ensure it meets our high standards, before it is dispatched to your customer.

Two Fifteen ‑ Print On Demand features.
  • Synchronize products between and your Shopify store
  • Customize products at and export them to your Shopify Store
  • Import orders made at Shopify stores for processing
Best reviews:
Date: October 27, 2021
Author: SisterHoodies
Great products, great print quality and really fast turnaround! The process is really easy to follow and manage too. Very little effort required. Show more
Date: October 26, 2021
A great app and with a great customer service to boot. Products are brilliant, quick turn around, compliment slips to customer with our branding is a great icing on an already tip quality cake. Highly recommend. Show more
Date: November 23, 2021
Author: Oily Bikers
Have used this company and app for around 4 years now. We are UK based and have had no issues whatsoever. Their website is always updated with current shipping times. Quality of product is always great. Once one design is done you can easily upload that same design to shopify with every single colour way of a garment. Very easy to send order through. Auto Fulfilment is easy to sort out. Nothing bad to say. We have had mugs, t shirts, hoodies and more. Product range could be a little larger with zip ups etc... But i believe this is down to the DTG print method used. DTG is my favourite. I come from a printing background and used to do Dye Sub, DTG, Screen Print, Cut Vinyl etc... Great UK based company and price is affordable as well. We do add in neck labels on our t shirt so they cost a little more, but a small price to pay for instilling our brands with customers. The bad reviews... Not sure how they managed to have such a bad experience. Show more
Date: November 30, 2021
Author: Red Plume
Nobody is 100% But 215 are not far off I have just spent 20 mins reading all of these reviews, and in my experience working with 215 some I agree with and some I don't. Firstly 215 are a great company to work with, I find their user interface easy to use and to create my products and their pricing is very fair for a UK based company. The products are printed well and vibrant which is why we are all here right. They however, they do say you can tell a company’s worth by how they act when something goes wrong. It Nobody can expect from the volumes that are ordered for everything to be 100% as things do go wrong - we are all human right. I had an issue only once where a print was not quite right, I emailed them and they resolved this within one hour, leaving a more satisfied customer at the end of the day. So to say their support is poor for me is untrue as I found it fantastic. (please note there was a genuine reason for the garment being sent in the first place) - so I am happy with everything being 98% but their support being of 100%. If you have read this far, well done, I will be finishing now with my final thoughts (very Jeremy Springer (I know). I would highly recommend 215, they have a fantastic package all in all and perfect to upscale your business when you needed. Show more
Date: October 23, 2022
Author: voonux.
Very happy with this company. Great prices and excellent shipping times for the UK which is hard to find in a POD company. I had ordered an incorrect item recently and they responded within a few hours and changed this with no hassle. Thank you very much! Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: November 25, 2020
Author: Descended From Odin
Terrible customer service. Weeks of no replies, finally got to speak to someone who seemed competent, promised to get me all set up, everything sounded fantastic. Here I am, two days before Black Friday after ordering stuff two weeks ago with no follow ups, no goods and now a week of them not answering calls or mails. Strongly considering suing for the damages this is about to cause & highly recommend to avoid this company. Show more
Date: November 14, 2020
Author: AndNao
Extremely poor partner care! Orders got missing, notes ordered and never delivered, calls that go into voice mail for months and on top of that after acknowledging that this situation it's very far from professional, we've decided to withdraw our funds. Since two months nothing has happened yet We advise strongly to not put yourself through this greatly poor managed situation of a company. Show more
Date: August 19, 2020
Author: Tobu Sunika
Date: August 02, 2020
Nobody reply !! do you run a business or scam? almost 2 months gone i still haven received my order. the worst company i have ever seen. is this some kind of a joke? I can believe the way your company is doing business. After so many complaints still no tracking no received. Show more
Date: July 17, 2020
Author: Haus of Film
Stay away! Two Fifteen is keeping our refunds, and we had to write a group e-mail today CCing Shopify begging for them. We need a total of 3 refunds. Two Fifteen has over a month told us they would give us refunds for items "lost by the Royal Mail" to UK customers. Were the items sent at all? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe? Either way, Two Fifteen double charged my credit card for our e-shop one day and never refunded that. They need to refund us for two "lost in the mail" items sold to Etsy customers. We had plans to use these folks for years for Etsy and Shopify and now have to hope for refunds and redo our full Shopify/Etsy stores with a new drop shipper. We had plans to gift things from Two Fifteen out to people who could help spread the word for us and I already sent one item to a very influential Hollywood person who was going to share with everyone at work how he loved the item to help our indie store. In turn, we were also going to share these with some big time awards nominees/winners who know we need $ as newer names in the film industry. You don't earn big $ until you win an Oscar and we're f-ing poor for now until we make it big. One guy was going to help us down the road if he liked items, negotiate licensing deals for us to have cool characters on our coasters etc. Well, guess what? Two Fifteen would rather lose us as customers because for the meantime we must not be bringing in enough sales than stick with us and wait it out, possibly license BIG TIME MOVIE CHARACTERS. We offered to PAY MONEY WE DO NOT HAVE BUT CAN CHARGE ON A CREDIT CARD to fix their system for tracked shipping outside the UK and they refuse to let us pay to update their system. We have so many people harassing us on Etsy about calling us crooks until their items arrive in the USA because they presume we aren't sending them, and we are. We are also dealing with customers who may not be sent items at all. And we are having $ stolen by Two Fifteen, not refunded to us. Two Fifteen is well aware we had long term goals of working with filmmakers/brands on licensing their characters. To do this, it takes time and effort. Instead, they choose to ditch us and treat us like garbage. It is disgusting. We hope our refunds come through and we will switch to a new USA factory. Good riddance. So sad! :( Show more

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