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Below you can find MailerLite Email Marketing Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Email Marketing apps. MailerLite Email Marketing app was developed by MailerLite. The rating is 3.5 based on 80 reviews. MailerLite Email Marketing price Free.

MailerLite Email Marketing summary.
  • Data sync and sales tracking. Sync customer data and purchase history from Shopify to MailerLite, and track new sales revenue generated from your MailerLite campaigns.
  • Subscribe pop-ups. Grow your subscriber list with custom pop-ups that encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletters and promotions.
  • Automation triggers. Build stronger relationships and encourage repeat business by sending customers highly-relevant emails triggered by their recent purchases.

MailerLite Email Marketing features.
  • About MailerLite
  • MailerLite makes it easy for you to:
  • MailerLite Anti-Spam Policy and Approval Process
Best reviews:
Date: June 09, 2021
Author: DARTFROGwear
We've been using it for a year and so far so good, it's still being much cheaper than most of its competitors
Date: June 03, 2021
Author: Andrea Bonelli
So far so good. I used Mailchimp for years but needed something much easier to use since their drag and drop was severely lacking. I gave Mailerlite a try and I've been able to make great looking emails fast. Their drag and drop is superior and easier to use than Mailchimp and I would highly recommend this app. *One thing I hope they will eventually fix is their integration for Facebook in order to install a sign up page. It seems to only grab the amount of followers on personal instead of your actual business page which does not allow the app to work on Facebook. Would be a great feature if they worked the bugs out. I have over 8k followers on my business page but the integration gives an error that I have less than 2k.
Date: February 10, 2021
Author: CQUA
I think this should be an awesome app, but however I was rejected because it mentioned that my account doesn't comply with their terms or community standards which I am not sure why? They should give a deeper rationale before rejecting someone automatically using their own algorithms. It will be great if someone on their end can approve the rejection and add on a detail reason why it is being rejected and what can be done to enroll a potential customers before an email is sent out. I will update or delete my review if I got a proper reason why it is rejected... or at least a solution for me to be onboarded to their services...
Date: January 29, 2021
Author: Dasavena Granola Gourmet
I have been using Mailerlite for a couple of months and I am very satisfied with this app. I had some doubts at the beginning because of multiple bad reviews, however Mailerlite has outperformed all of the other mailing apps I also tried. I would totally recommend this app to anyone who is just starting. I began with the free account and it worked perfectly. After reaching 1,000 subscribers I had to upgrade to $15 per month.
Date: December 09, 2020
Author: Mayu Water
After trying a few email services I've finally found the one - this is it. The platform is very intuitive, friendly to use and has smart features. And their customer support is LEGENDARY! I am so please with it. Thanks a lot MailerLite and keep up the amazing work!

Worst reviews:
Date: June 27, 2021
Author: Proud Fox Tattoo
They didn't approve my account because the algorithm didn't trust/like me. Stay away from this. There are better apps.
Date: May 25, 2021
Author: Grandma's Gift Shop
Bad experience with this app. Unhelpful customer service. Worked fine but they are misleading about emails count. They lead you to believe you pay for X number of emails per month, but after the month ends and they take another payment, the email count does not reset.
Date: April 08, 2021
Author: Erectimus
Absolute criminals. After they verified my emails and subscribers and then after 2 weeks of use they then asked for an upgrade. When I questioned why an upgrade they cancelled my account.
Date: January 24, 2020
Author: PetsAllAround
Don't go for them! Just don't! The app is really good, I love it, BUT the customer support is AWFUL! Countless emails sent without an answer. And to get an approved site is like a raffle, in spite you might be perfect! AWFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT and you've already lost a cliente
Date: October 25, 2019
Author: Empress Sabbat
I just registered and got the same message I've been reading about in these low reviews. " We received your request for approval, but at this point, we're unfortunately unable to give you full approval. We perform comprehensive checks to determine if an account is valid and complies with our Terms of use and Anti-spam policy. Your account didn't pass this test, for now. Your website has no or insufficient content. We require all our users to have a fully finished website. We recommend you to update your account so it complies with our terms and policies, and then request another approval. Normally you should be fine then." *** My website has been fully finished and functional for a long time. Insufficient content? What kind of foolishness is that?

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