Delirious Profit

Below you can find Delirious Profit Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Extra fee apps. Delirious Profit app was developed by Delirious Apps. The rating is 4.2 based on 52 reviews. Delirious Profit price $5/month. 7-day free trial.

Launch date: June, 2016

Delirious Profit summary.

Delirious Profit takes the hassle out of calculating profits and margins with amazing reports! # Add cost prices to Shopify. ## The easy way to calculate profit and margins on Shopify. Delirious Profit takes the hassle out of calculating profits and margins for Shopify stores, especially at End of Financial Year. You can focus on value-adding activities that fuel the development of your business, rather than staring at a spreadsheet. Simply add the cost price (COGS) to your variants and Delirious Profit will automatically tell you the margin you made on that product

Delirious Profit features.
  • Easy to use! All the data is at your fingertips with an intuitive user interface
  • Powerfull Reports! Our reports allow quickly breakdown your data.
  • Excellent Support! We pride ourselves on offering responsive helpful support.
  • Track Expenses! Add single and recurring expenses
  • Track Fees! Add fees for all your gateways
Best reviews:
Date: October 08, 2020
Author: how it VAPES
Full reports and easy to use. No fancy design but gets the job done very good! Would like to have an option to compare specific month of year to the ones in the previous years. Show more
Date: October 05, 2019
Author: Gladiator Cornhole Gear
So far so good! reminds me of cashcow pro for amazon but this allows expenses to be added and at give frequencies Show more
Date: July 17, 2019
Author: maisie & clare
I've had this app for awhile purely for the COS and have been happy with it. I've recently worked that I can add actual transaction costs for my three main payment methods, ie shopify, paypal and afterpay and it calculates the transaction rates perfectly. I can also add actual shipping costs and the end result is I now have a fully functional report showing my gross profit which is perfect! Highly recommend this app and for $5 per month you absolutely cannot go wrong. Show more
Date: August 06, 2021
Author: AfterRetail
Delirious Profit works perfectly. It provides vital data that I view each day. Moreover, the developer is more helpful than almost any other app support that I have used. I give this app 5+ Show more
Date: December 31, 2021
Author: tattooflashcollective
Great App, Customer support is awesome. highly suggest installing this hope that a fraud protection fee will be available in the settings soon to keep track of accurate transaction fees Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: January 27, 2017
Author: Taba Sport
I installed the APP and got impressed with the multiple reports that it manages. This APP is exactly what Shopify is missing in order to manage my business from a profit perspective. But, after installing it and uploading the first excel sheet with all the products and its costs, I noticed an error. I click on a product name and it opens another product detail page. Products seem to be crossing between them. This is critical because I do not trust the reports now. Show more
Date: September 30, 2016
Author: Treebo
WORSE APP EVER, It changed all our prices for the cost of the item it was a nightmare we had to cancel 30 orders because it was charging our customers cogs this app shouldn't be allowed to change our touch any inventory that is on the website fine to change and update in the future but shouldn't be allowed to do past ones, it was the biggest mistake ever we had to shut down lost tons of money and had to change every price one by one just AWFUL! Show more
Date: July 20, 2016
Author: Dekals1
App has potential but it's lacking. Right now I don't think the app works on your time zone so I can't get accurate readings. It doesn't allow me to add shipping as profit and subtract COGS from the overall revenue. Thier support is bad so I just deleted the app and will use a competitor. Show more
Date: January 17, 2023
Author: Al's Pals Pets
Have contacted the developer about a connection issue twice and have yet to hear back. Guess I will be deleting the app today! Show more

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