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Below you can find HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of FAQ apps. HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk app was developed by Shark Byte, Inc. The rating is 4.5 based on 1314 reviews. HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk price Free plan available. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: December, 2015

HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk summary.

Improve customer service with FAQ builder, help desk ticketing system, tabs, chatbot & live chat app Answer customers’ frequently asked questions before they appear in your inbox with the help of an informative, easy-to-navigate FAQ page. FAQs reduce the support team load & speed up the response time. Manage inquiries from multiple channels: email, chat or FB Messenger - all in a single Help Desk. Add product descriptions, shipping and other info to product Tabs & improve store navigation. Our app provides Live Chat & automated chatbots that will keep your business accessible in real-time 24/7.

HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk features.
  • FAQ builder: create a SEO-friendly FAQ page using templates. FAQ translation
  • Chatbot & Live Chat app: Let your customers contact your business in real-time
  • Help Desk ticketing system: resolve inquiries from multiple channels in 1 place
  • Product tabs with descriptions (assign it by product type, collection or vendor)
  • Contact form: control over the elements, choose from different templates, widget
Best reviews:
Date: March 20, 2023
Author: Milie Bijoux
Cette application est très facile d'utilisation! De plus, leur service à la clientèle est exemplaire! Un grand merci! Show more
Date: April 07, 2023
Author: Smoke&Cinders
Great and friendly customer service. Had an issue with a new theme not transferring some data over, the team at Helpcenter swiftly looked into it and resolved the issue. Thanks again Helpcenter team :) Show more
Date: April 14, 2023
Author: Ever.Boost
awesome app guys congrats. only thing is we can not remove your name from the website without subscribing a plan. Show more
Date: April 24, 2023
Author: LodinG
A trouble to use the app solved by the support team in a very short delay. Thanks for your precious help ! Show more
Date: May 02, 2023
Author: Securfix
Plataforma simple pero funcional. Destacaría el servicio de atención al cliente, muy rápida y eficiente. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: January 19, 2023
Been using for many years... agree with others... we had a free forever plan for just 30 faq's... so they disable your faq's without notice and forcing you to upgrade to paid plan... sorry, but not a great way to do business, espcially with original users... will be deleting now Show more
Date: January 18, 2023
Author: Good Dog Peopleâ„¢
Horrendous way of forcing existing customers (onboarded since 2017) to upgrade to a paid plan. No notifications were sent to inform that free plans will be phased out. As a result, we just found out that our content was removed from the widget without our permission. We also lost our access to our existing content for migration unless we pay to upgrade. The high-handed and mercenary approach left a really bad taste in our mouth. We have a few web stores subscribed to their paid plans as they were launched recently. It's a no brainer - we are going to take the business elsewhere. Show more
Date: February 10, 2023
In recent days, we have been unable to receive messages from customers via the "Contact Us" page. After testing, we can't find the customer's message in the mailbox, please tell us what is the reason? This has taken a toll on us. I try to set up the mailbox in the background, and every time I set it up, I can only receive the first message. Then, the background automatically restores the previous mailbox Show more
Date: February 02, 2023
Author: Crystal Fizzy
I was wondering why my customers were leaving my store. Just by chance I opened up FAQ's and discovered most of them had been blocked by this company! Extremely hurt and damaged due to their actions. Now my store looks FAKE and SHODDY. What this company did was Disrespectful and Embarrassing. I was never alerted about their decision to change their original Plan options. Do not trust this company as they are very Hurtful. Show more
Date: March 27, 2023
Author: aeyee
It was free to use at first, and I thought it worked well, but later it was charged, which I thought was unreasonable. I used a lot of information and content on the FAQ function provided by you, but suddenly changed it to charge, which is obviously unreasonable. Should be later to use the user charge, the old user does not charge. Now I bought a topic that provides FAQ functionality, and now I have to spend a lot of time migrating data. Show more

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