Image Optimizer

Below you can find Image Optimizer Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Gallery apps. Image Optimizer app was developed by LoyaltyHarbour. The rating is 4.9 based on 750 reviews. Image Optimizer price Free plan available.

Launch date: May, 2016

Image Optimizer summary.
  • Image Compression. Image Optimizer automatically compresses images to minimize file size. Speed up your store, improve SEO and user experience!
  • SEO Image Optimization. Image Optimizer automatically set the alt text by using simple templates for images and improve SEO and Google Image Search rankings.
  • Set and Forget. Image Optimizer will automatically compress and optimize all existing and new images.

Image Optimizer features.
  • Speed up Your Store, Improve SEO and User Experience!
  • Image Optimizer: Image Compression
  • Image Optimizer: Alt Text Optimization
  • Image Optimizer: Filename Optimization
  • Image Optimizer: Convert PNG to JPG
  • Backup and Restore
  • Set and Forget
  • Speed up Your Store, Improve SEO and User Experience!
Best reviews:
Date: August 27, 2021
Author: Avant Antique
This is such an excellent app! Exactly what I've been looking for, having tried various image compressing apps on Shopify. Image Optimizer is quick, transparent, user friendly with their nicely organized interface, and great customer support (got an answer to my question the next day - impressive given the time difference!). We sell antiques, art and collectibles, which means that we have thousands of high quality images floating on our website at all times and needing constant optimization. I look forward to continue using Image Optimizer, very happy so far.
Date: September 06, 2021
Author: Lencería Yoli
Esta aplicación me facilita mucho el renombrado de todas las fotos que subo. Funciona realmente muy bien. Me encantaría que estuviese en español, pero no es un problema grave.
Date: September 06, 2021
Author: Muebleria Paty
Funciona muy bien. Permite probarla gratis y te da ejemplos de la calidad resultante.
Date: February 22, 2022
Author: Ichiba Japan
Update: It seems that our emails arrived in spam. Once they caught them, they were super responsive and addressed our problem with a very good solution. So we are now satisfied with everything and can safely recommend the App. Original message: We used the application a few months ago, and we must admit that it worked well for us. However, we wanted to use it again recently and needed help from the team. After 1 month and 3 emails, we are still waiting for an answer... We wanted to become paying customers, but this does not give us confidence in case of problems in the future.
Date: January 17, 2022
Author: narvandbec
I like that the App helped me optimized my site, reducing the size of my images, causing my site to move faster. I will recommend this app if you have a slow shopify store.

Worst reviews:
Date: February 22, 2019
Author: Elite Turtle
This did not improve anything. Probably the reason these folks don't have a free trial. I had downloaded it thinking it will improve my page load time but nothing. It was as good as before.
Date: September 17, 2018
its not working the way it used to, i used this app for long time, i noticed few things, which i'm mentioning below... 1. i have installed it and optimized all images and paid the price, then i uninstalled it for some reason then installed again, the app is again asking for optimization, what is this? i have already paid the price, then why i need to pay again for that same images?? 2. right now, app is not syncing images from my store, basic pain says 1000 images, but i only optimized 333 images, and its shopped showing more images to optimize, although i have added many images on my store i don't know, this app works or just bluffing :(
Date: October 26, 2017
Author: Degree Seven
This application removed all of our images from Shopify store from all of the variations. If you want to spend time on re uploading your images back to Shopify then this is perfect application for you. Would NOT recommend it!
Date: April 13, 2017
Author: Jungle Backyard
it's not compressing the gallery or in the pages images and it's not showing which image is compressed
Date: March 28, 2017
Author: Xplcit Assistance
Made all images look fuzzy and not professional

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