One Click Upsell Gift Checkout

Below you can find One Click Upsell Gift Checkout Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Gift Wrap apps. One Click Upsell Gift Checkout app was developed by The rating is 3.9 based on 80 reviews. One Click Upsell Gift Checkout price From $4.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Launch date: February, 2017

One Click Upsell Gift Checkout summary.
  • Increase revenue with Upsells. Increase revenue by selling upsells and extra gifting services - gift wrapping, greeting cards and more
  • Boost sales with Gift Upsells. Seamless integration - checkout and product page. Customize gift wrapping, gift services and upsells in a few minutes
  • Advanced Product Upsell & Wrap. Proven results for increasing revenue by using Gift upsells. Easy checkout (upsells + gift wrapping + greeting card) process for customers

One Click Upsell Gift Checkout features.
  • Work less. Sell more.
  • Coming soon -
  • Seamless integration
  • Customized to your needs
Best reviews:
Date: December 10, 2020
Author: Fantastic_Feasts
If you're looking for the best upsell app - you can stop here. I checked a lot of upsell and wraping apps and gift checkout is by far the best. It also probably the most cost-effective. Best part - it really works.
Date: September 26, 2020
Author: Long Luxury Lashes
Wow, give me more from this stuff! Really good and really affordable app - you can start with only $4.99 ($3.99 for annual plan). You are going to start selling products on cart and checkout the way you neer did. If you want to sell upsells you need this app.
Date: August 08, 2020
Author: Kidshop Kingdom
This is a great and easy-to-use app. We started to use this app to improve our average order value. It works even with other discount promotions we have going on. It is great to get a gift upsell and also another product purchased. Support is always at hand to help and quick to resolve - even now when it is weekend. Thanks to Mark for helping us get going anf for one click upsell team.
Date: June 19, 2020
Author: Poppy Sweets
This is the probably one of the most useful apps on the platform. It os really user-friendly that helps generate thousands of dollars. We've tried a lot of upsell apps, and this is the cheapest and the simplest (took me less than 5 minutes) for our customers to use. Only one thing to improve - I'd love to have more upsells and cross sells analytics. Highly recommended!    
Date: January 23, 2020
Author: Ain't No Mountain
This app is really good. Helped me to improve my average order value with its upsell options. I highly recommend!  

Worst reviews:
Date: July 11, 2021
Author: Tipsy Truck Delivery
I used this app to add a gifting option on my checkout page and it did almost exactly what I needed it to. I was able to add gifts with my own images and descriptions and at different price points, even add a custom message. And then one day it was just gone. Vanished. I reached out and they said they weren't continuing (though now I see it's back) and my site was left without a gift option. And I'm a gifting company! It was embarrassing for my website and detrimental to my business. NO WAY would I ever use or trust this company again. Consider yourself warned! Also, I found a workaround in Shopify that allows me to do all of this and more... and it's free. So I'm thankful for that, at least.
Date: February 27, 2021
Author: Cradle and Co
I do not recommend this app. I was experiencing several issues and reached out for support numerous times and no one got back to me to help resolve the issues.
Date: June 14, 2020
Author: BeanBurds
I tried to use this app to give gift options to my customers during checkout. The app is great but has several bugs that the team at were unfortunately not able to resolve. The gift option button in the shopping cart page clashes with the checkout button.
Date: April 22, 2020
Author: Jac & Violet
I so want your app to work. I have products that are perfect for gifts and I want a prompt/pop-up to upsell the opportunity to personalize with a greeting card. However, when I try to upload an image (in PNG or Jpeg) for the Greeting Card products and press save it just scrolls and scrolls and I end up having to close the window. No image is saved with the product and it makes for a wonky and vague UX. I have deleted and downloaded your app so many times in the hopes that one time it will work. I've left many message with your support team and receive very little or no feedback as to how to move forward. Very frustrating. Especially when I know it could solve my problem...if it worked correctly.
Date: December 16, 2019
Author: The Aussie Huntress
I installed the app which didn't integrate properly. The support said they would help and didn't. I had to get Shopify to jump in and they then had to ask what the problem was again. had said it wasn't straight forward they would need to engage their tech team yet the had never logged in after I had given them permissions.

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