Retargeting for Google Ads

Below you can find Retargeting for Google Ads Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Google Ads apps. Retargeting for Google Ads app was developed by AdNabu Global, Inc.. The rating is 4.8 based on 102 reviews. Retargeting for Google Ads price Free plan available. 7-day free trial.

Launch date: October, 2017

Retargeting for Google Ads summary.
  • Quick Automated Remarketing. Quickly implement dynamic remarketing code across your store in no time. Requires no manual code changes.
  • Create Audiences in Google Ads. We create google retargeting audiences for you to run ads for cart abandoners, collection visitors, previous purchasers, etc.
  • Retarget Error-Free. Implementing Google retargeting code can result in errors. Our automated implementation ensures zero errors.

Retargeting for Google Ads features.
  • What is Dynamic Retargeting?
  • Problems while setting up Dynamic Retargeting
  • AdNabu App for Google Ads Dynamic Retargeting
  • FAQs
Best reviews:
Date: October 05, 2022
Author: La Grieta
Great Support, and great Product, we needed support and they were very kind to guide us through. Recommended.
Date: November 04, 2022
Author: Liza Panait
Best support ever. They helped me a lot. Great app by the way. They won me as a customer. Good app!
Date: November 07, 2022
Author: The Curl Nation
Great customer support team, always available to help you out with your queries and in some case they do things out of their box. I definitely recommend the app
Date: November 24, 2022
Author: Gamer's Dream
The setup is very easy and started to populate audiences immediately. We contacted the help for another of their apps and the service is fast and good.
Date: November 23, 2022
Author: Strokes by Namrata Mehta
The setup is quick and smooth and everything works like a charm! I could quickly run dynamic remarketing ads using this app.

Worst reviews:
Date: November 05, 2020
An absolute SCAM - free to install but they charge you $10 if you have ANY Google Ads running, even if you never used the app and the Google Ads you have in place were running long before you ever installed the app. I have a Google Adwords campaign in place that's been running since January 2020 (has absolutely NOTHING to do with retargeting in any way) - I installed this Retargeting app in September, NEVER USED IT, NEVER TOUCHED IT, then almost immediately uninstalled it, and they STILL charged me $10 simply because my Google Adwords campaign (that's been live since JANUARY!) was live during the time that I had the app installed. Absolutely ridiculous. I will never interact with any AdNabu products ever again. The definition of a scam.
Date: September 29, 2020
Author: MyTherapyst
Added review : They contacted me via phone and the lady kept on putting me on waiting. Plus now they have replied below, more of a demand to remove the review. I would like to tell you that I have the coding proof of your poor coding apart from that the biggest proof is that everything got better once I removed the app, if your app does not cause this issue then how did this miracle happen? Original Review : Very bad coding by these people. I installed the app and it screwed the Discount % displayed near the product price. I only noticed it a few days after installing the app and had to hire a Shopify expert to find the issue with the theme urgently as I am spending around 3K daily for ad spends and this issue was causing people to not trust the website due to bad coding. I had to pay a hefty amount to the Shopify coder plus the money lost on ads.
Date: May 27, 2020
Author: Rings For Champs
It's free if you don't run any ads. What is the point of calling it free... isn't running ads the point? You'll see this after you connect your store: Please note that AdNabu remarketing pixel is free if you are not running any ads in Google Ads. If you are running ads, we will charge you a flat fee of $9.99 for that month.
Date: June 22, 2022
Author: Tuning Forever
I have tried the app for about 15 days. Basically I understand that this app helps you to create an audience on which you can then do your campaigns. I think that this app is practically useless, it reduces your audience and above all in my humble opinion you will find advantages only by eliminating this app. Use facebook for this ...

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