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Below you can find Call For Price ‑ Hide Price Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Hide price apps. Call For Price ‑ Hide Price app was developed by SetuBridge. The rating is 4.5 based on 59 reviews. Call For Price ‑ Hide Price price From $7.99/month.

Launch date: April, 2020

Call For Price ‑ Hide Price summary.
  • Hide Price and Set Custom Text. Hide prices and "Add To Cart" button by adding a "Call For Price" button over. Set custom text on button and show a product without a price.
  • Customized Hide Price Form. Easy & quick request product price form for customer to ask for the product price. Generate leads & product inquiry. Call for price, Quote.
  • WhatsApp & Email Alert. Both side (Admin & Customer) email & WhatsApp notification alert on product price request Increase conversion rate through hide price button

Call For Price ‑ Hide Price features.
  • How Call for Price & Hide Price app help to generate leads and sales?
  • Who can use Call for Price and Hide Prices?
  • Features
  • Why merchant should use the Call for Price - Hide Price app for products?
  • How the Call for Price - Hide Price app helps to grow your store
  • Compatible with all free Themes + most common paid themes like;
Best reviews:
Date: February 07, 2022
Author: No.42 Interiors
We used this app to add in a form to request a quote on some of our bespoke artwork, we were also able to remove the pricing with this app, and everything works as we had hoped. The customer service from SetuBridge has been outstanding, and we are happy to be using this app on our store.
Date: February 23, 2022
Author: raniazarastudio
I used this app to accomplish my issue it's really good ... And hats of to the support it's very supportive for my project they have done all the things i want ....Good service at all
Date: February 21, 2022
Author: Eclipse Creations
This App is perfect to hide prices and let people request the price. The support team is awesome. We struggled to hide the prices, and they replied to us in under a minute, yes under a minute and fixed it right away for us. The only functionality I would like actually , is "Call for price" which when clicks, calls the store owner. But this is an excellent app and highly recommend.
Date: March 15, 2022
Author: Timmins Fitness Alternatives
App is really neat to engage a request for pricing and block out “sold out” from product listings. Had a few customizations I inquired about to change wording and remove buttons from collection but keep in product pages. They were prompt, helpful and courteous. I recommend this app highly and the service!
Date: April 23, 2022
The folks at setubridge were extremely helpful! I contacted them via the app customization request button and immediately replied. They saved me a few $$ as I didn't have to hire a Shopify developer to make a custom edit. They did it for me and super fast too. The app works great and does the job. All our products are custom hand-made so we generally like our clients to reach out and request a quote so we can establish a relationship with them and discuss their options. With the CALL FOR PRICE app, we are readily able to do this.

Worst reviews:
Date: July 01, 2021
Author: Los Angeles Custom Furniture
tried this and the contact for price button stayed on even when removing the app, now nobody can order products. The popup would not take the phone number when I tested it and I put the country code in which is weird to have in a field these days anyway
Date: February 06, 2021
Author: Hydro Solar Innovative Energy
Honestly app is useless. call for price button shows below the price that needs to be hidden. support is not available despite the fact they say that they are online. so try to send a message and no one answers. do not waste ur money on this app
Date: April 02, 2020
Author: Hayden Furniture Depot
Used this app and installed it. It disabled my whole website. This app may not work well for large catalogs and would not recommend it. I had to edit the theme. liquid file to remove the code that was inserted to get the website back up and running.n
Date: September 01, 2021
Author: Pawpy Cup
App is difficult to use and you have to add code to your theme. App is not working at all! And I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!
Date: October 01, 2021
Author: Cruz Label Store
I only used it less than 30 minutes to test the app. It was clear that this app has serious shortcomings. You can only have one form and not multiple forms and additional fields need to be set up by the developer for an extra fee. Many of the fields do not work for us and if you have multiple products with different variants, then forget this form. They do not refund you for an app you only tested for half an hour. Very disappointed that they would still charge when the app couldn't be used.

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