Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom

Below you can find Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Image Zoom apps. Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom app was developed by StoreBricks. The rating is 4.9 based on 376 reviews. Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom price $2.99/month. 30-day free trial.

Launch date: May, 2015

Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom summary.

# Zoom in! Your customers need to see your products in detail. Install Cool Image Magnifier with just one click and enjoy a seamless zoom for your store. * Your products are unique and deserve to have their features beautifully displayed. Customise the loupe in seconds and take the visuals of your store to another level. * Add our loupe to your entire image gallery in a breeze. Save time and improve your customer experience! * Impactful connection with customers on their favourite...
Best reviews:
Date: December 12, 2022
Author: Greenleaf Garden Center
Excellent application, super fast customer support when we asked for it. Definatelly recomended. Show more
Date: January 16, 2023
Author: 444Cupid
Good app with little to no effect on store speed. Customer support has helped me out multiple times with a rapid response rate. Show more
Date: February 16, 2023
Author: LiquidCore-PowerBall
Super helpful support staff. They were able to help us get the app to do what we needed it to do, which was zoom in on an image on one of our pages that was not the product page. It enhances the experience of our site and we are super happy with the results! Show more
Date: February 03, 2023
Author: Wildlife and Art
Great so far, app doesn't slow my website speed down like all others I tried so I would recommend it! Show more
Date: March 17, 2023
Author: Bon-ito
Just taken out and i wanted a few adjustments for my site and they were fantastic at support and also just as important the app works brilliant Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: April 01, 2019
Author: The Microbrand Store
Unusable. The app configuration screen has a miniscule window just a 100px x 100px or so that has all the configuration inside it. Can't configure. Lots of other weirdness on the config screen such as double buttons appearing in various places. All other apps work fine and tried clearing my cache. Show more
Date: March 14, 2019
I used it and it didn't work. I tried hit up the support and that didn't work either. Don't recommend. Show more
Date: September 23, 2016
Author: Old Corps Apparel
It stalls out on many products and doesn't move around. Sometimes it works but most of the time it does not. Show more
Date: January 14, 2023
Author: ExperienceGANODERMA
Hello.. I have installed Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom app... but the zooming feature is not applied on the product page.. please help me out Show more

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