Bonanza Integration

Below you can find Bonanza Integration Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Integration apps. Bonanza Integration app was developed by CedCommerce. The rating is 4.8 based on 62 reviews. Bonanza Integration price From $40/month. 7-day free trial.

Launch date: March, 2018

Bonanza Integration summary.

Bonanza Integration ensures seamless selling on Bonanza and rules out any chance of manual errors The Bonanza Integration application is packed with features to optimize various selling operations. It automates tedious and error-prone tasks like product listing, order management, and inventory management. Merchants eyeing business expansion will find it helpful in seamlessly managing orders and products irrespective of the quantity. It can be trusted to meet customer demand during peak hours. As a result, selling on Bonanza for Shopify merchants gets easy, fast, and accurate.

Bonanza Integration features.
  • Product profiling helps to modify product attributes before uploading on Bonanza
  • Automatically fetch orders from Bonanza as soon order arrives to Shopify store
  • Bulk product upload from Shopify store to Bonanza in one go successfully
  • Error notification reveals product shortcomings & get it uploaded without fail
  • Almost real time sync for keeping data upated between Shpofy store and Bonanza.
Best reviews:
Date: March 17, 2021
Author: Northwest Liquidations
I contacted support today and I was helped right way, with the issue I was having, it wasn't with the program, it was something I didn't do myself. Support helped me out and got things all taken care of. Great group of people to work with Show more
Date: July 20, 2021
Author: APSavings
I must say that this was a challenge setting up. But with the help with this guy, he made it look so easy and kept me wanting to learn more. It's a good thing when you have agents who really try to help us out compared to those who just like sending link. We all learn in different ways. This is the type of agent that I'm always looking for on these platforms. Keep up the good work my friend. Show more
Date: August 26, 2021
Author: Horizon Warehouse Sale
I have detailed questions that need patience, effort, and help from the support team member assigned, to link and fetch the products from Shopify to Bonanza. Whenever I flagged an issue I'm facing to the support team they always work with me to resolve it and a lot of times work it themselves to make sure the job is done. Very satisfying positive interaction and it is very motivating to always reach them. Especial thanks to Jason Roy-BDA for all the time and efforts he put to resolve issues. Show more
Date: January 03, 2022
Author: MicroTextile
I really enjoyed the customer support they helped me get my account set up and running and now im ready for a successful journey. Show more
Date: April 05, 2022
Author: Marick Booster
Staff is friendly and easy to reach out to whenever have concerns. Learning how to use the app is fun and great. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: August 26, 2019
App does upload products to Bonanza, but syncing of inventories update can not be guaranteed, thereby resulting for item to be out of stock when sold on Bonanza. Thereby resulting to negative review from customers since item is out of stock. Customer support will always say sorry, but that doesn't fix the problem for us. Show more
Date: August 17, 2019
Author: CraftOpera
This app is such a waste of time, infect its functionality eliminated all my personal SEO efforts of my Bonanza listings. Even it doesn't do its' basic functions like Inventory Management, Inventory Syncing etc. Whenever I talk to its customer care they always say "it takes time to happen things on Bonanza due to its API issues" but nothing happens even after hours. Indirectly they blame on Bonanza Marketplace for all there own issues. Here is how their Best Customer Service serves like: I just tried many times to check how its Inventory syncing system works and reduced the quantity of a listing on my shopify admin and then wait for hours to reflect the same inventory on bonanza and passed my time by refreshing the product page on bonanza again n again but nothing happened. Then what an irony happened just after I contacted and complain to customer support about the issue, the item synced just after I given them the Bonanza ID of particular item and otherwise it was not updated from hours and what I felt they do it manually behind the wall just to show me. I assure you it happened many times with me, what a joke is this app... I salute its customer care team to make it alive till date... Show more
Date: March 23, 2019
Author: Bronte Moon
REVIEW UPDATE PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY CED have still not refunded us the $530.19 we paid them in January!!! The CED app still does not work. We have had to spend hours removing the duplicated listings on Bonanza and on Etsy the orders don't sync, inventory does not sync, listings do not sync, these are THE BASIC functions of the app!!!! And please read through on how they lost all our 3 months of seo on nearly 500 Etsy listings. They should be removed from Shopify app store. PREVIOUS REVIEW March 16th BUYER BEWARE They are crooks. I purchased the APP from CED Commerce to intergrate my Shopify site with Bonanza, Etsy and Sears…..Where do I start.....after almost two months the problems are getting worse by the day: First of all when you fulfill an order on Shopify it does not sync back as it is supposed to. This is the main function of the app! It stays as not shipped and you have to manually complete why have the app?. Then not all of our listings on Shopify integrated over to Etsy and they duplicated on Bonanza. After being told "give us 24 hours" countless times it still does not work. Then we got a generic email from CED saying that all customers should re-integrate...we did this, then some of our products got duplicated with CED SKU’s (not ours) The inventory does not sync over to Shopify and other platforms like it is supposed to do. Nothing works!! While trying to fix all these problems the BIGGEST thing happened. We have over 400 listings all of which I have been doing SEO for a solid 3 months, that's lots and lots of time. Three days ago the CED person we were on live chat with said she was putting her team to work on it once again. They lost all our tags, descriptions, reverted back to old titles, deleted all attributes.....everything all gone. All SEO… GONE. All this happened when they were just trying to get the app to work as it should. We paid them $500 BE WARNED!!! Now just trying to get our money back and compensation for all our time, lost profits and lost future sales as we now have a zero rank on Etsy. We have to SEO the site all over again and we still have to sort out the duplications on Bonanza CED COMMERCE AS A COMPANY ABSOLUTELY SUCK……. Show more
Date: December 27, 2018
Author: Maletropolis
Clunky, confusing integration interface with strange navigation and terminology. Warning: every item has to be manually remapped to a Bonanza category (what this app refers to as a profile? why not just call it a category?) and it will only accept TWO variants and NO items with duplicate names. Don't bother. It's a mess and looks like old school PC software. Not user friendly. Show more
Date: December 03, 2018
Author: Stove Parts 4 Less
HUGE workflow issues. Inventory did not properly update, which lead to overselling. I sought advice from support who told me refunding the orders would cancel them. This was wrong. They also ensured me that once an order was cancelled it would not import to Shopify, also wrong. We had several refunded orders make their way to Shopify and get shipped despite cancelling the orders per supports guidance. Save yourself the time and headache and find another way to sell your Shopify products on Bonanza. Show more

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