Below you can find ChannelSale Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Integration apps. ChannelSale app was developed by ChannelSale Software Services Inc.. The rating is 3.9 based on 41 reviews. ChannelSale price From $51/month. 30-day free trial.

Launch date: July, 2018

ChannelSale summary.

ChannelSale App sync’s Product Listings, Inventory & Orders on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google & More! • Real-time inventory updates from and to Shopify – avoids over-selling or under-selling. • Centrally manage all supported marketplace orders from Shopify. • Listing products simple or multi-variation products / parent–child relationships or kits bundles. Examples multiple sizes, colors, materials. • Have different markup pricing sent for every shopping site. • Custom product data attributes supported. Examples: Bullet points, search terms, video link, multiple warehouse inventory, pattern.

ChannelSale features.
  • Real-Time Sync Inventory, Order Shipping Updates from Shopify to Marketplaces
  • Create Product Listings Variations on Marketplaces like multiple sizes, colors
  • Experienced Dedicated Team for Setup, and Sales Growth Best Practices Strategies
Best reviews:
Date: August 04, 2022
Author: massiveproduct
ChannelSale is awesome. It automatically syncs inventory orders from Shopify product listings with Wayfair, Amazon, Houzz, Walmart & most major marketplaces. It also replicates creating product listings. I will recommend ChannelSale to everyone who wants to manage growing online sales hassle-free. Show more
Date: May 20, 2022
Author: findsolutions957
I made the decision to expand my online business across numerous eCommerce platforms, and I was concerned about the onerous operational chores that lay ahead of me. Someone recommended ChannelSale, so I decided to give it a go. I am quite pleased with the services and assistance provided by ChannelSale personnel, who have helped my business expand by leaps and bounds. Show more
Date: April 25, 2022
Author: BlackfishForum
Channel Sale provides really amazing plugin for more productivity and convenience on ecommerce platforms. I am using its plugin for almost 1 year and I am very satisfied with its features. Show more
Date: March 28, 2022
Author: sellerloop
It has been six months using ChannelSale services. I am delighted that I opted ChannelSale. My team now easily manages all inventory. Show more
Date: November 03, 2022
Author: The House of Awareness
Customer service was very helpful. However, we are not quite ready for this money commitment. We hope to use them in the future. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: February 23, 2021
Author: leadingadgets
app useless, buggy and the worst support i never saw. Never got the possibility to try the app because is buggy. Show more
Date: April 28, 2022
Author: Jenston Girl
The app is absolutely confusing. I don't see where in the app I can link amazon. As matter a fact I don't see any channel links. Show more
Date: August 19, 2022
Author: KC Appliance Parts
They try to sucker you in with $51/month then tell you that it's $249+/month. Don't waste your time. Show more
Date: October 19, 2022
Author: ZSPEC Design LLC
ChannelSale organizational failures that has led to this review. This service has been a waste of our time, has damaged our seller statuses on channels and caused lost sales and reputation damage. For those considering, be advised this was our experience with ChannelSale after one month of attempting to work with them. Our #1 goal was Amazon listing (the most challenging of our channels) with bonuses of linking Ebay and Etsy channels. - ChannelSale has failed to list anything on Amazon, our #1 Goal. Two calls a week for over a month and no progress whatsoever on Amazon. Not a single successful listing. ChannelSale could benefit from employee-training and an actual customer-service system for support. Email-strings of communication did not work (the model being used) and time just marched on without progress. - Poor technology. There is no visibility in the ChannelSale “dashboard” to see what products are on which channels. We we told there was...pretty big missed expectation. o We found no dashboard-based ability to list a product ourselves. They want this done by them which would be fine but over a month later, not a single requested product has been listed. o ChannelSale's service integration with Shopify also continues to fail at order-syncing and pushing tracking information into channels. We have “manually” put tracking in a channel-order, notified ChannelSale of the sync-issue and we'll then get an email stating “it’s fixed”. However, they're looking at our manual-entry thinking somehow their sync started working. It hadn't. o Overall, ChannelSale needs to invest in technology and could benefit from their employees supporting customers from a professional environment – with better communications equipment and in environments conducive to working with customers. Support is abroad and every request is something like, "we will get back to you in some time". They only use Google Meet which has been clunky at best and most audio sounds like they are talking through a pillow (very, very muffled/garbled). - Poor Communication, Responsiveness and Lack of Organization. o We cannot understand most of what is communicated on the “calls” and there is no unique agenda. The ChannelSale calls are a rehash of past topics with little to no progress. We experienced calls with massive background noise (trains in background, dogs fighting...) and inability to understand them due to technological issues on their side. o ChannelSale attempted to tell us “please check test listing” over and over even after we’ve already provided feedback. We have had to repeat ourselves countless times on our needs and asks and a month later - not a single listing on Amazon while getting close to the holiday shopping season. o Need to improve attention to detail. We communicate something, and ChannelSale doesn't read it then waste call-time asking for the same thing we sent you a week or weeks earlier. This has been a complete waste of our time. See above for suggested fix – get real service-incident/tracking technology. Email isn’t the way. It took two weeks to get a simple "brand name" misspelling fixed (our company name!) on Ebay (they published listings to Ebay and never checked for accuracy - the burden is on us, the customer). We recommend another service - this one has just wasted 5-6 weeks of our time, energy and hurt both our Seller statuses on two channels. Show more
Date: December 14, 2022
Author: PK Lures
Spent around a year and while the goal was 3 marketplaces, we never got Amazon listed correctly. Spent all our time fixing bugs, and the software did not work as we were sold. And since we left ChannelSale, all our barcodes were removed on their way out. That was so kind of them. Show more

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