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Below you can find qikify Smart Menu ‑ Mega Menu Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Mega Menu apps. qikify Smart Menu ‑ Mega Menu app was developed by qikify. The rating is 4.8 based on 591 reviews. qikify Smart Menu ‑ Mega Menu price Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: September, 2018

qikify Smart Menu ‑ Mega Menu summary.
  • Boost sale with mega menu. Promote featured products, collection, banners in your menu with flexible widgets
  • Enhance store design in quick. Create Shopify mega menu to fit your theme by changing color, font, background, etc with no limit in design customization.
  • Easy create mega menu layers. Quickly create multi-level menu with TEMPLATES (mega menu, tabs menu, tree menu, etc). No coding skills required.

qikify Smart Menu ‑ Mega Menu features.
  • Compatible menu with all Shopify themes (exclude Narrative & Pop)
  • Add multiple menu items at a time (bulk add)
  • Import & Export custom menu feature
  • Support Horizontal menu and Vertical menu
Best reviews:
Date: April 29, 2022
Author: VertigoGear
Easy setup, easy install, and great on the site! If a more dynamic menu is what you're after for your customers, this is it. Admittedly i went premium early, it's worth it
Date: April 25, 2022
Author: Floofy Newfie Tackle
I have 50 products and variations of each with customers who have no patience for multiple clicks to get to what they want. This app greatly simplified my menu and saved me a ton of time. I love it.
Date: April 24, 2022
I couldn't implement the menu at first and I turned to the support of the plugin. the solution was quick and professional. Great support even for the free version! thanks a lot very handy.
Date: April 22, 2022
Author: Lifters Wear
Super Support wir haben etwas Hilfe gebraucht, da noch 2-3 Sachen customized werden mussten. Uns wurde direkt geholfen.
Date: April 21, 2022
Author: Melefors
If I could have a 10/10 i would give it to them. The UI is easy to get (after a some tinkering back and forth) we made a beautiful computer menu and when we wanted to convert it to mobile they helped us with the CSS changes quickly and professionally! Thanks alot!

Worst reviews:
Date: February 21, 2021
Author: BabyShoppio
I sent you an e-mail about the installation and you still haven't returned? Could you please support me for setup?
Date: January 07, 2021
Author: CastellPet
the mobile menu is useless, it loses its dimensions, the design of your mobile menu is lost, it would be great if you had a guide to solve this problem, thank you for your time reading this review.
Date: September 04, 2021
Author: LadyStore
like every shopify apps, works with every possible restriction and prevent any user personalization without paying. it was also not working for me without using the css selector
Date: February 08, 2022
Author: Nether Industries
SmartMega Menu was nice, until I needed customer service. It is very difficult to get customer service. I've contacted Qikify customer support and haven't received a response in 9 days. I've sent 5 emails to them to solve this issue and Qikify is not helping. It's very frustrating. Because of this, my customers can't contact us through our website. We are losing business because of the lack of customer support from Qikify. Hopefully you have better luck with their customer service.
Date: January 26, 2022
Author: Pet Life
Their support is lackluster, it's a push or like a major drag to have them correct options, it's almost like a pulling teeth process just no enthusiasm to fixing menu options. Front facing, the Menu's Mobile version doesn't display properly on Tablet and Mobile view, no customizable features at all, our Menu Hierarchy is a total mess, they're set up correctly and asked support and their response was "we fixed it" meanwhile they didn't fix anything at all. I will delete or modify this review once I see they properly PAY ATTENTION to me and stay focus on our requests mentioned in our email. we use many APPS I've simply never witnessed such careless responses and lack of focus. The Tablet view is literally cut-off when not expanded in full view screen mode, I don't understand it's what this APP specializes in and they never addressed such kingergarden concerns to their APP, that's so unprofessional. Maybe they'll fix it, maybe they won't, but like I said my review is based off my current experience, when they correct the issues I'll gladly modify this review as I see fit.

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