Elfsight Pricing Table

Below you can find Elfsight Pricing Table Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Pricing table apps. Elfsight Pricing Table app was developed by Elfsight. The rating is 4.6 based on 25 reviews. Elfsight Pricing Table price $5.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Launch date: March, 2018

Elfsight Pricing Table summary.
  • Boost your pricing conversion. Represent your offers in a clear and informative pricing table app. Increase the number of positive buying decisions.
  • Make your pricing easier. Display all the features and pricing details of your offers in a comparable manner. Reveal the difference and help to make a choice.
  • Customize pricing in no time. Spend just seconds to shape your perfect widget. Use multiple one-click options to make your Shopify Pricing Table work for you.

Elfsight Pricing Table features.
  • What you get with our app
  • A perfect columns layout for each use-case
  • Ready-to use modern design
  • Fully customizable offer columns
  • Smart pricing content that sells
  • And many more:
  • FAQ
  • Why Elfsight Pricing Table is a Must-Have App?
Best reviews:
Date: May 03, 2021
Author: Heroes' Veritas
This app allowed me to display the feature comparison of my coaching and community offerings. The tools make this process simple and easy to use.
Date: March 11, 2021
Author: Redkey USB
The best pricing table on Shopify (we've tried a few.) Feature rich with the ability to change images, change checkmarks and hints all make it worth paying for.
Date: October 28, 2020
Author: StarStocks
I have been using this app to make pricing tables for my website and it has been super simple and easy to use! Their customer support is also extremely nice and was able to help me with anything I needed. If you are reading this review and on the edge of using this app - jump, it's so worth it.
Date: August 07, 2020
Author: Architopia
Great simple app. Easy to get a good looking pricing table up and running. Used a few other pricing table apps and found this one to have the nicest interface and features.
Date: June 01, 2020
Author: Mighty Suds
First off, the customer support has been AMAZING! I had several questions before installation and after and each time the customer service reps answered every question and provided solutions quickly. I use this app to show the services we offer, features of each, and price in one concise chart. Set-up, and installation was way easier than i thought it would be and the layout and appearance customization made the chart look seamless from the rest of our site.

Worst reviews:
Date: May 04, 2020
Author: EditVid
There is no support. Very bad support. almost 3 days I send multiple requests in the different channel no one care. If they help I will change this review.
Date: May 15, 2019
Author: Curate A Box
I'm only giving this one star because the table itself looked great. However, there were issues with links not working, but Elfsight's tech support is inept beyond belief. We tried calling and escalating the situation several times to no avail, they blamed us for everything, even though we could prove it was their fault and not ours or Shopify's. They couldn't even type in our store password properly, even though it was copied and pasted from our Shopify admin page. Do NOT bother with this company, as they will not help you, even though it is a paid app. I've never had worse tech support in my whole life.

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