Product Stickers

Below you can find Product Stickers Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Product Labels apps. Product Stickers app was developed by Stock Sync. The rating is 2.4 based on 9 reviews. Product Stickers price $5/month. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: May, 2015

Product Stickers summary.
  • Increase users conversion. Attract more customer and increase your conversion rate.
  • Save your money. No need to hire designer or coder.
  • Customizable tag. Make your own tag with flexibilty.

Product Stickers features.
  • Add a custom sticker to selected product's images in 3 minutes
  • Stickers Customisation
  • FAQ
Best reviews:
Date: November 08, 2015
Author: Preparegency
We've been desperately looking for a useful app like Product Stickers here on Shopify apps store but up till now, no luck! Finally,we tumbled upon on PS app to try it out.. Wow! This app offers the exact features what we needed for our products images and descriptions...With Product Stickers,You can choose variant sizes and shapes to match them with your site's looks and designs etc.. We are really happy with their support and quick response. We are definitely going to recommend this to all Shopify store owners.
Date: October 21, 2015
Author: Trendster Si
Simply LOVE IT. It enables you to mark and additionaly expose some products by your choice. After you place a sticker on product, you can monitor clicks of visitors on those products. With some marketing skills, you can attract more visits to certain products and boost sales. Love the fact, that you manually write what you wish and have lots of options for shapes and colours. Defenitly recommend!
Date: September 10, 2015
Author: Campusbrotein
Great app - had a small bug and the were able to fix it within 24 hours. Look super clean, I would highly recommend for sales, BOGO's, BOGO 50, etc!

Worst reviews:
Date: May 04, 2015
Author: DroneCyclone
Great Idea - very nice interface - Only Problem is that is it horribly buggy. They would fix one thing then break another. After a week of trying we gave up when it trashed our home page collection images on Mobile. If they ever fix everything and thoroughly test it we may come back because it was such a nice idea.
Date: February 17, 2020
Author: Beauty and the Best - Body Co♡™
Buggy. Does Not apply the stickers to all of the products that it's supposed to - only some. Most of the sticks didn't work. The ability to alter the sticker design is minimal and in general the app just isn't very good. So disappointing. I'm actually surprised this costs money. I tried this with the full theme editing (adding the code to the product grid to get the best experience) and not the javascript version which they, themself recommend - no good. Such a shame.
Date: September 17, 2016
Author: Ocha Co
I can`t fit a 5 letter word into the sticker ... In their example they have `Most Popular` on 2 lines. Can`t be done. There is no way to reduce the size of the font. For that reason I am OUT.
Date: January 09, 2016
Author: Weekdaygirl Nails Beauty
I agree if I am paying monthly I need to do all my darn products like it would pay but dam stop being stingy...
Date: December 05, 2015
Author: Quilt Girls
This is a totally cool idea. I had my stickers set up in a matter of minutes. And I am giving them 2 stars because the set up was so easy. However, the app only allows you to set up stickers on 10 products (WOW). You pay $5.00 a month for this service, so essentially you pay 0.50 cents to put a sticker onto a product. I have a New Product section in my store of about 40-60 products at any given, putting stickers on my "new products" is not an option. I do have some random products on sale in my sore right now......just a few. I counted them up and found around 80 items for, putting stickers on my "sale" items is not an option. Honestly, I don't know anyone who has a store small enough for this app to be of use. How do you only need 10 stickers? Since I sell fabric, I love this idea. It is similar to what a major fabric online retailer does. If there is ever an app that meets my store needs, I would go for the stickers. But, watch out everyone, $5.00 on this app is a waste of money! Update: The support person did get back to me rather promptly. That is always a good sign! They upped my stickers from 10 to 50 which is great for a store much smaller than mine. So, it still won't work for me, but may work for a different site. They did warn me that multiple stickers slow down the site. So, be sure this doesn't mess with your SEO!
Date: November 20, 2015
Author: Viktoriasimone
I didn't want to give a one star, because the app would be great if it worked. I cannot even fit a 5 letter word in the images. I cannot find the file to edit the size of text. I sent an email to the developer, no answer after several days. I even paid for it hoping it would work, but it doesn't. I cannot use it, because I cannot put simple words as "custom order" or "coming soon". It just doesn't fit. After this review, I will wait to see if he responds. If not, I will have to remove it.

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