Kanpai Web Push Notifications

Below you can find Kanpai Web Push Notifications Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Push Notifications apps. Kanpai Web Push Notifications app was developed by Kanpai.io. The rating is 23 based on 6 reviews. Kanpai Web Push Notifications price Free plan available.

Launch date: December, 2019

Kanpai Web Push Notifications summary.

There is only one good way to build a successful shopify store - build long lasting relationships with loyal customers. Kanpai Web Push Notification allows you to segment your customers and send push notifications to those that you really want. Stores working with web push see an increase of multiple ROI using web push notifications and Abandoned Cart automation. ## Top 5 Reasons to Use Kanpai.io Web Push Notifications 1. Shopify and Kanpai.io Push Notifications play better together. Setup...
Best reviews:
Date: March 31, 2020
Author: The Aromi
Kanpai has helped me recover carts that would otherwise be lost. My store gets quite a bit of traffic but buyers often get distracted or bounce before they finalize a purchase. Previously I had to hope they would go through the buying process so I would have an email. Kanpai makes reconnecting with potential buyers much easier. Support: I was in touch with their customer support, which was very approachable. I had a few specific questions which they answered promptly. Usability: The interface is straightforward and took maybe 5 minutes to set up. Show more
Date: March 30, 2020
If you are considering any other push notifications app - I ask you to stop and install this one right now! The customer service is really fast and the chat function awesome. Till and Chris answered all my questions immediately. I was a bit nervous about sending notifications to peoples mobile phones first, but this app and the people running it are very trustworthy. I had no issues at all, which is super important since you are contacting your customers directly. It helps that the app was super fast to set up and very easy to understand. Some things that I learned: If you wait a bit the BOOST in your sales WILL definitely happen. Combine the push notifications with some social media posts and gain your first 50 subscribers before doing your first push (that happened super fast for me). After this, I could totally see my traffic spike on google analytics - awesome! Another tip is to not only automate the campaigns but them your subscribers push notifications manually! This is also available on the free version I used. They show you the specific products that were in the abandoned cart, so you can just send out a manual campaign and target those easily. Don't be disappointed by the numbers of clicks in the beginning. I got definitely a spike in traffic from people googling my site after getting the notifications, rather than clicking on them directly. Once again thanks a ton to the developers of this super awesome app! Show more
Date: February 24, 2020
Author: Air Bonsai
Best push notifications app out there, love it! great support, very fast and cool. Great for cart recovery and cart abandonment :) Show more
Date: December 18, 2019
Author: Wall and Room
In my opinion this is the best Push Notifications app on the market now. I am really glad that I decided to try this! Three things that I really like so far: 1) The app works really well on both mobile and desktop. The interface is really simple to understand and I had my campaigns setup in no time. Also you get to use your own custom branding and logo included in the free version. 2) I like that they are transparent about what you get and have a very simple and fair pricing structure. I was able to setup my abandoned cart campaigns right from the beginning and also have unlimited subscribers on the smallest plan. 3) The customer service! Till and Chris were super nice and helped me out with any questions I had. They even went above and beyond and gave me some general tips on how to improve our store - love good customer service! In total this app is really amazing and I can fully recommend it to any store owner! Show more
Date: March 06, 2020
Author: mybeddybear.de
If I could give Kanpai 6 stars I would. I was really amazed by their customer service. Chris and Till were really working hard to help us with the setup and its a personal goal for them to see us succeed. I cant thank them enough for their help although it was really easy to setup! Using Kanpai was really a game changer for my marketing strategy. The interface is beautiful, really well built and easy to use. I am super happy with the automated push notifications for cart recovery. Emails for abandoned cart is just not enough anymore! I really highly recommend you give this app a try! Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: May 20, 2022
Author: Cannasutra
Unfortunately there is no way to delete a campaign or change a campaign. I have a campaign set to be released in a few days which had some mistakes and I would like to delete it or change it. But now I can't do that and have to send out the faulty campaign making an idiot if myself in front of customers. I have received no support yet since sending a support ticket. Will update rating once a response has been received. Show more

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