Data Export IO: Reports

Below you can find Data Export IO: Reports Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Reports apps. Data Export IO: Reports app was developed by Estore Automate. The rating is 5 based on 1891 reviews. Data Export IO: Reports price Free plan available. 15-day free trial.

Launch date: February, 2016

Data Export IO: Reports summary.

Helpful pre-made and detailed reporting for all store data. Easily filter, export, and send reports. Automate reporting for your Shopify store with Data Export! Get multiple pre-made reports on Sales, Taxes, Inventory, POS, Payouts, Orders, Customers, Refunds, and more. Use Report Builder for live record previews, line item details, custom fields, and summarizing by week, month, quarter, etc. With Scheduler, send reports via email, FTP, and Google Sheets/Drive on basic or advanced schedules. File formats available include Excel, CSV, and PDF. Free expert assistance included!

Data Export IO: Reports features.
  • Pre-made Reports: Various reports for Sales, Products, Payouts, POS, and more
  • Advanced Filters: Add multiple conditions to limit which records are needed
  • Column Management: Freeze, filter, rename, sort, clone, and hide fields
  • Export Friendly: Generate reports using CSV, Excel, and PDF formats
  • Password Protected: Add a layer of password security to limit access
Best reviews:
Date: May 05, 2023
Author: Refrigeration X
We need to import Shopify's data into another program, and this application has the most complete function. It has various types of report formats and can be created by customizing reports as needed. If necessary, experts will directly create or modify the required data fields. Show more
Date: May 04, 2023
Author: Eskayel
So far so good! I just installed the app, and Mallesh was super helpful straight away.. I thought that i could just jump on and figure out how to do the custom report I wanted, and if I spent some time with the help docs I probably could have .but i was in a hurry.. I wrote the chat and Mallesh get to me straight away and just made my report super quickly.. I am really happy so far and starting to learn how the app functions better. Show more
Date: May 04, 2023
Author: Elevate Styles
They can create whatever report you need and quickly. Their service is top notch! I was given immediate service from day one. Show more
Date: May 04, 2023
Author: Custom (USA) - SYNC Performance
Excellent customer service that will customize anything and everything for you. Major app improvements in the past year have been a big reason we are sticking with this app for multiple different functions. Show more
Date: May 04, 2023
Author: DigiMax Pakistan
Best Reports, easy to access and outstanding support. Mobile version needs to be more user friendly rest is good Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: May 07, 2021
Author: TheCustomGoodsCo
Did not install. Crashed while asking for our email. Huge pain - a lot of data risk and privacy. Beware Show more
Date: December 08, 2018
Author: top drawer records
added app, logged in, clicked a report, it downloaded no data. then, I tried to view another report and it wants me to upgrade. here is a big hint for your sales funnel: DELIVER VALUE FIRST, THEN ASK FOR MORE MONEY. I won't be continuing with this product. Show more
Date: January 02, 2017
Author: Lazango
I feel bad to put a 2 stars review as the support is very reactive and is trying their best to help you. But the product itself was just built totally the wrong way. It's ultra complicated to use, I've been using several export tools already and the logic behind this app is just a nightmare to understand. It made me lost few hours, I need now to find an alternative. They told me they will make a big update soon as they received other similar feedbacks. Therefore this review might not be relevant in the next few months. Show more
Date: February 17, 2023
Author: Calça Thai
The reports are unreliable, they don't run when scheduled to which is a nightmare to work with and Shopify says it is an supported app sp I guess they haven't updated or done maintenance to new APIs Show more
Date: May 03, 2023
Author: Mobility Plus
Lots of reports but hard to set up as the 'live human chat' is so frustrating! The people on the other end seem to struggle to answer even basic questions (could be a language barrier as the chat is based in India?) If you need any historical data on your inventory this is not possible. I am sure when you figure what reports you need and how to adjust these to your needs the app will be of value but if you need help setting up or customising the reports it will be a time-consuming struggle! Show more

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