Sales Team

Below you can find Sales Team Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Sales Booster apps. Sales Team app was developed by Chief Software Solutions. The rating is 4.7 based on 56 reviews. Sales Team price From $15.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Launch date: October, 2017

Sales Team summary.
  • Back-office for each Sales Rep. Each Reps gets a back office on your store front, under your branding to access tools to make sales and view sales & commission reports.
  • Get Top sales features. Give your team all features in one app. Invoicing, Affiliate link, Discount Coupon, Cart Sharing, Team Manager, Add/Tag customers & more.
  • Flexible commission structure. Choose the commission structure that works for you. We offer commission per rep, per product, per profit margin. Get detailed reporting.

Sales Team features.
  • Back office for each Rep
  • All Sale Features in one App
  • Choose your commission structure
  • Reporting
  • Support
  • Customization
Best reviews:
Date: August 05, 2021
Author: Infinite30
TL:DR; If you are looking for a straightforward profit share app, this one is worth your time and money. For the team alone. I don't know that I can form the words to express how grateful I am to Rose and the Chief Software Solution team. Through international time differences, minute changes (I mean down to verbiage), and everything in between -- they were THERE! They took the time to understand our needs and worked tirelessly to create a custom solution. During that creation, we were walked through each step and included in the process to ensure that we were all on the same page. Complete transparency. Prompt responses and proactive follow-up. Top flight. We haven't experienced this level of professionalism and actual results from companies that call themselves "leaders in the industry".
Date: August 29, 2021
Author: Cureté Collections
The customer support team at Cheif is amazing! They have been responsive and helpful throughout the entire process!
Date: September 24, 2021
Author: Healthy Leaf Organics
I love this app it is easy to use and the customer service is outstanding, they are responsive and will meet with you whenever needed. For a small fee they can customize commission structures and train you on how the flow works for your employees. this app can also integrate with their other apps such as wholesale quickie
Date: January 11, 2022
Author: ResellSA
The Sales Rep app has been a great addition to our wholesale site. We are managing multiple reps and this tool gives a great amount of features that they find very useful such as the ability to enter orders for customers and the cart sharing. Having a limited dashboard with functionality was crucial for us with using independent sales reps, as we do not want to share all order and customer information. This app fits the bill. Vik and Rose have been great working working through some of the early hiccups we had and helped with our installation. They answered our tons of questions very quickly. They also were very open to user feedback to improve the application. We would not know what to do without this app. Great application and dev team!
Date: February 17, 2022
Author: JoitaWholesale
Originally, I gave this company a 1 star review. That was approximately 3 weeks ago. Within 3 weeks, the developer contacted me and worked very hard to resolve the issues we were having with the system. They are now fixed (including the billing issue), and our reps seem to be happy. And if the reps are happy, I'm happy. So 1 star has now turned into 5 stars. : )

Worst reviews:
Date: February 07, 2019
Author: Futo Manufacturing
I wasted about half an hour on this. the support section has a couple of 30 second videos and "coming soon" from what I guess is a couple years ago. seems under developed and abandoned. maybe the features work, but I'm not going to email the developers to get basic setup instructions
Date: January 20, 2021
Author: Tiare Rose
The people at Chief Software are VERY nice people and are quite responsive. But after MONTHS of trying and paying a lot of money for customizations (which took months longer than the original estimate of a few weeks BTW), the app just DOES NOT WORK. Many of the basic functions are broken and the coding is just plain sloppy. After using many different Shopify apps over the years, I have never encountered one this bad and am extremely disappointed that I wasted my time and money. I'm not sure how they have any positive reviews except for their kindness and their accessibility to schedule a call. I do wish the team well, but really need to let others know how bad this app is.
Date: September 16, 2018
Author: Imagery Socks
I wanted to use this app for tracking sales commissions, but when I started to implement it was very clear that this application was not ready for primetime. Many bugs, some of them simple like buttons appearing more than once or menu options that were supposed to be hidden showing. Very bad mobile support. It is like someone did this as a quick project and not something that you would want to represent your professional business to sale reps.
Date: September 01, 2021
Author: Wildlife Tree
Quite possibly the worst app we've ever used. Here are the list of reasons: Basic Plan - No view of all features that require upgrade No sound user experience AT ALL No visual hierarchy, proper grouping, primary vs secondary vs tertiary buttons, lacks contrast or signifiers for understanding the UI Extremely lacks explanations of null states for all kinds of features or pages No distinction between working with sales reps vs affiliates What the heck are sales team templates? Feature toggle switches are unreadable Can't use our own Shopify tags for assigning existing customers to reps Reports are small and don't make sense in null state Email us page should have a contact form. Doesn't even have a "mailto" deeplink to open email client Calendly page title shows "CSS advanced support" as if any beginner would understand that FAQ accordions just look like plain text and have no UX signifiers like dropdown arrows YouTube instructional videos have no proper grouping headings such as "Getting Started." Accept/Deny Sales Rep page makes absolutely no sense. Is this for affiliates? So many more bad UX issues to list! Just the worst app, period. Unusable, in and out. NOTE TO THE DEVELOPER: I'll be glad to consider using your app when these issues are fixed. Make it USABLE!

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