AP: Collection Import/Export

Below you can find AP: Collection Import/Export Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of SEO apps. AP: Collection Import/Export app was developed by Aperitive. The rating is 3.8 based on 37 reviews. AP: Collection Import/Export price Free plan available.

Launch date: September, 2017

AP: Collection Import/Export summary.

Collection Import/Export by Aperitive.io provides the missing feature of importing and exporting your collections in bulk, coupled with some handy scripts for quickly generating Smart collections for all your Vendors and product Types. #NEW FEATURES Our app can handle 7000 or more rows for import and export. No need to import multiple files. # USE CASES New store builds - Import collections rapidly Agencies - use for new client stores Efficient collection management - Get an overview...
Best reviews:
Date: August 06, 2021
Author: Excavator Parts Direct
Great app and great support - saves having to do this process manually which is not feasible when you have 1000s of collections Show more
Date: December 21, 2021
Author: Montessori Kids
Amazing app, help me a lot with the import of the collections. Thank you guys, really help me with the import. Show more
Date: March 15, 2022
Author: Build4less.co.uk
App seems to be meeting our needs. Rob from support was very helpful and went above and beyond to advise me on an issue that wasn't even being caused by the app. Show more
Date: March 22, 2022
Author: Peléton B2B
Great app that makes it eaiser for me to move the collection setup from one store to another. Pleased with the functionality. Show more
Date: January 10, 2023
Author: Modern Memory Design Picture frames
App Staff is great to help you with any issues and you sav money and time with this app Super awesome app to create bulk collection pages much faster than doing one by one, excel export and you find and replace data you like to change Really great time saving Thank you Rob for helping me out with my project Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: December 02, 2020
Author: The Frum Shopping Mall
I tried reaching you guys, you never got back to me. Listen, in today's world, you will not survive without customer service. If you guys don't care to reply to me (it's already a week gone by) after I upgraded to the premium plan for $19.99/month and you don't even have the courtesy to answer my question regarding your app, you can have a nice day. I'm unsubscribing now and deleting your app. When I downloaded your app, you were at 4.2 stars, now you're at 3.9 stars (in overall ratings). You're keep dropping and getting 1 star reviews if you don't reply to your customers. Show more
Date: November 23, 2019
Author: Fix my Toys
looked at the reviews and decided to weed out the ones that didn't look like it applied to this app and figured that this app had potential to make my life easier. I installed around noon and did an export of all of my collections. Then I went to make my first import of collections. Which I had an error and the app told me so. I corrected my error in my upload and resubmitted it. The app said that it uploaded and I would get a response in my email. About an hour went by and I didn't receive anything so I attempted the upload again. Inside of the app there is a Chat Support that stated that it was online and they typically respond within a few minutes. But, After a few hours of waiting I gave up and decided to do all of my collections manually. I then get an email 10 hours after my initial upload saying that my collections have successfully import. Well that would of been ok, but I made significant changes to my collections that I manually created and it wiped out all of my work. I am very unhappy with this app and DO NOT recommend it to anyone. In response to the developer's response, my import was properly formatted and it did work, but it worked many hours after I submitted and multiple times. in this screen shot you can see the successful import message I got from their app which caused chaos in our store. https://i.imgur.com/KKGTVb5.png Show more
Date: April 09, 2019
don‘t use this app. Completely waste of money. it won't import the product list of the collection if the products were manually selected. Show more
Date: April 14, 2022
Author: ToyShnip
Downloaded the app to create a bunch of collections. I uploaded an import file and it is stuck for many hours. I can not cancel the job and no one in support is answering. Time to find a different app. Show more
Date: December 12, 2022
Author: ineedfabric.com
WARNING: This App does not work. Export files are blank or contain little data, does not export everything. Show more

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