Below you can find JSON‑LD for SEO Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of SEO apps. JSON‑LD for SEO app was developed by Ilana Davis LLC. The rating is 4.9 based on 504 reviews. JSON‑LD for SEO price $399 one-time charge.

Launch date: October, 2015

JSON‑LD for SEO summary.

More organic SEO traffic by highlighting your reviews, prices, & business details in search results Safely & effectively earn qualified traffic to boost conversions. Instantly connect 100s of structured data fields needed for Google Rich Results, Rich Snippets, & Merchant Center (Shopping Tab, Ads, YouTube Shopping). Swap out & edit the theme & your Schema.org based structured data auto-updates at no extra cost. After installing you’ll get a data audit, up to 6 months of monitoring, unlimited app support, & the Shopify SEO: Simplified audio training course. Not sure? Ask for your free audit.

JSON‑LD for SEO features.
  • Qualify for Rich Results & earn more quality traffic in Google, Bing & Pinterest
  • Connect all the Schema fields needed for Google Merchant Center with/out a feed
  • Show product reviews in search results with one of the 20+ review apps supported
  • Pull subscription-based prices from subscription apps to show price ranges
  • Data for products, blogs, pages & homepage plus options for FAQ, Recipes & Video
Best reviews:
Date: January 03, 2023
Author: Healing The Hyperbaric Way
I installed my app about 2 weeks ago and Ilana sent me an email today showing my rich text starting to show up! That made me super happy as a new business. She has been very responsive to any question I have had. She is very organized with setting the expectations with what to expect from her and the results which a appreciated greatly. It felt like a much more personalized service than some of these other SEO apps I have. Hopefully this will help. Show more
Date: December 29, 2022
Author: Aurora Heat
Wonderful! The process isn't too time-consuming. While it can be complicated to make sense of the results, Ilana is fantastic at addressing your concerns and answering your questions clearly. And she carefully keeps track of your website. If it's been a couple months and you still don't have Rich Results, she'll make suggestions on what you can do to earn them. She's persistent and thorough, and it's so appreciated! Especially when this stuff can be so complicated and over our heads Show more
Date: December 22, 2022
Author: Flower Boom Dallas
Great app with excellent support from our local provider. Iliana is super helpful and detailed in her explanations and she's always making sure that everything works as needed. Show more
Date: January 13, 2023
Author: TrollingMotors.net
This app is fantastic and I have seen a marked increase rich snippets which are such a huge advantage when you're looking for 1st page results. Terrific customer service. Show more
Date: January 25, 2023
Author: Outdoor Roadie
Easy to implement and started seeing results 1-2 months after installing. Ilana Davis has also been super helpful when I had individual queries Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: December 04, 2019
Author: Global Seafoods North America
New update from support: "You are welcome to continue the use of my app, however I will no longer be responding to your emails. If that does not suit you, you are welcome to uninstall and remove the code." You shall think twice before you pay $299 Replay to UpDate 4 December, 2019: I still have Schema issue, for some Theme you need customise it, if anybody will have the same issue watch this video, since you will have zero support from support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uZSBWuwkrM. Also I used different app on my other web site to install JSON, the same issue they fixed in 48 hours. I don't know why, but Sitelinks searchbox with different up App I have already 38 valid pages with this app only 1. Thank you for your replay. However I sent you scenn short, which indicate your app create warning. I check few website of my competitors, which in sero point inn Google, they don't have any warning, meaning till I will be clean, nothing will change my possition in Google rancking. It may be good app, which shall improve your SEO, but at the same time you shall expect few erros and warning, which you may have after installation. When you buy app, not thing said about conflicting app. I paid $299 for app and $500 to third party to clean old codes. It was not bad, at least I did a lot of cleaning and improvments. However I still have one waring, which according to Google testing tool come from JSON-LD for SEO. App developer give very interesting replay "not apply to your type of business". Just let you know, you may ask if app apply to your type (shopity store) business before install and buy it. Show more
Date: September 09, 2019
Author: Roano Collection
NB: From Jun 9 till Sep 10 (3months) Still no results in Fact too much warnings and errors, site links search box still going down everyday in Google search console, i had to hire someone to remove this app and install everything again properly. ***DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME WITH THIS APP*** _________________________________________________________ The worst app ever i didnt see any improvement. I didnt see any rich results... we paid for nothing... and when i ask eric for refund he said he dont do it. i install it for 3 months now nothing shows.... always giving me reasons for not working.... the people who write they see results in 3 days lLOOOLLL that is so funny dont purchase it and make our mistakes. NB: 1-the other app your saying that i install it was before yours dear. Again you didnt say anything until i asked you after 1 month when i will see results?? and you suggest to remove the first one. Show more
Date: July 18, 2019
Author: Lofthigher
When I started my Shopify store, I did not have too much experience relating to the SEO, Rich Snippets and this kind of things, that is why I thought that it could be one of the best option for my store and I paid the $299, after that I had some questions relating to the app, SEO and things like that. When I tried to ask my questions I have always got very rude responses, I felt very ashamed. Anyway, I thought that maybe he offers one of the best app in the Shopify app store, that is why he is charging that amount of money and behave me in a very rude way.(maybe due to that reasons it could be acceptable). It has been more than 3 months and for now, I have more experience about the SEO, Rich Snippets, way of the Support that average app owners provide and so on. For now, my store got rich snippets in the google search, but it has almost zero effect to my sales and as I get more experience I encountered with many apps that offer same service for a very, very low price and as I read the reviews of them I can see that their customers also happy with that apps. I cannot say that he did not provide what he claimed, but the thing is you can find same service for almost 10 times cheaper price. Just google it and even you can search in the Shopify app store, you will definitely find better and cheaper apps. As I mentioned above, when I purchase that app, I did not have experience, if I saw the review something like that I would purchase cheaper version of the exactly same service and most importantly, I could get better customer service. The most important lesson for me in the Shopify business was do not spend too much money for the things that you could get very, very cheaper version. You could ask that why there is a too many positive reviews here, as I mentioned above, they provide whatever they claim but most probably many of the positive review owners still have not made a research for the cheaper version or just close their store after few months later. Hope this review could help others, because I think that in that business everyone should help each other. Good luck to everyone Show more
Date: July 07, 2022
Author: Australian Wheatgrass
Not Happy! I paid $299 for this app which is a lot of money, and after my website was compromised I decided to rebuild my site using the same domain name, just a different shopify domain. It was the only way I could rebuild my site without any down time. I went above and beyond to protect my customers, however I can't say the same for this developer. JSON-LD-SEO refused to transfer my membership or offer me anything in return for what is meant to be a life time membership. I have read other reviews who claim this developer has excellent support which I find hard to be believe. Now that I have paid $299 Ive got nothing to show for it. Ilana said it was in their policy to not allow such a thing, however, she said she would transfer the app if shopify would confirm in writing that they asked me to change over the store. In other words, she doesn't care about what I have to say (the paying customer) or what it has cost me, or where I am coming from. It's not like I am trying to scam you Ilana... its the same domain, the same store. I am the one who's been scammed. Very unethical! Show more
Date: August 16, 2022
Author: Orbeez Gun
Installed for about 1 month. Nothing work for my shop. Then my shop was taken off by Shopify for some reason. I can not move this app to my new shop. Wasted $299. Will not install this app again. I have used another SEO app for 3 shops. An app named "SEO, Schema, JSON‑LD" works great. The search results display has been optimized a lot and updated quickly. This is the first time to try this app. I thought it might be performed better as it is more expensive. Unfortunately, it's not worth. Show more

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