Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster

Below you can find Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of SEO apps. Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster app was developed by RabbitSEO. The rating is 4.9 based on 19 reviews. Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster price Free plan available.

Launch date: January, 2018

Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster summary.

Get your site more discoverable, optimized and monitored! Boost & promote your SEO using Rabbit SEO. Every site owner eventually wants to know who visits their site, how did they get there and how do search engine look see our site. Rabbit SEO is designed to provide this information and more to the end user (who doesn't need to be an SEO expert).

Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster features.
  • Optimize your Landing Pages
  • Build Backlinks to your site
  • Find New Hot Keywords for your Website and have daily monitor of your rankings
Best reviews:
Date: September 15, 2022
Author: Villababystudio
Customer support is there with prompt replies and not only prompt but satisfying replies. I think if customer service is good it increases the score of the app to MUST TAKE IT...! Also, it gives a detail of issues and other SEO related to any specific page. which is again a great thing in knowing ones own website. Show more
Date: September 08, 2022
Author: toyscardsnbikes.com
The Rabbit SEO traffic we are told is going to boost traffic over time, but it may take even MONTHS to get there. We'll hold out but yes- we think its going to be worth it 100%. Show more
Date: September 07, 2022
Author: visiongallary.com
I am using the free version and I find it helpful with analyzing my competition and how to properly set up my SEO's on each of my website pages. I like that it shows you where the problems are and how to fix them, and how well your website is ranking on Google. Show more
Date: December 23, 2022
Author: Historyhuntershop.de
Die App ist durchdacht und erfüllt einem die Wünsche, die man als Optimierer hat. TOP!! So kann ich mich ganz auf meine Kunden konzentrieren, wenn jemand einen Metalldetektor kaufen möchte. Bin froh diese App gefunden zu haben. LG Jan v. Historyhuntershop.de Show more
Date: December 22, 2022
Author: windowART curtains
This app incorporates every aspect of SEO traffic and pushes you to perfect each landing page to its maximum influence. Great tech support also. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: September 02, 2018
Author: Photocrafts Limited
good idea but very poor implementation. for some reason it wants me to include the keyword IN MY SHOPPING CART and other places where there is no need to put a keyword that sits totally out of place just for the sake of adding it for instance in my company name i mean for goodness sake a shopping cart is a shopping cart, not a keyword search and my company name is my company name it also picks up my company name everywhere and adds it to everything. tells me my company name is too short and to increase it it tells me my company name doesn't contain the word jewellery (a keyword) no it doesn't nor should it so when you look at your dashboard it tells you a very low score for SEO But when you consider the rubbish that they are generating and counting as a thing that needs to change it gives no indication at all how good or bad your site actually is as their score is meaningless i said a good idea but a very long way to go before its useful let alone worth paying for. as a freebie, i would maybe live with it but not as a payment, $5 down the drain but it will be their only payment not impressed Show more
Date: August 02, 2019
Author: Brecha Australia
it wasn't helpful gave me incorrect information telling me titles too short when they weren't Also saying no alt text on images which was also incorrect Show more

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