Below you can find ShippingEasy Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Shipping Rates - Shipping Solution apps. ShippingEasy app was developed by ShippingEasy. The rating is 4.6 based on 600 reviews. ShippingEasy price Free plan available. 30-day free trial.

Launch date: November, 2011

ShippingEasy summary.

The easiest way to ship online - now with the best USPS and UPS rates in the industry. Access the lowest USPS rates in the industry, plus seriously discounted UPS rates. Easily automate your shipping. Get help from a ridiculously helpful support team. More than just a Shopify shipping app. We solve for order management, shipping and rate management, plus automated (including abandoned cart, product reviews, product recommendations, and more) and one-time promotional emails campaigns. ShippingEasy has everything you need to succeed on Shopify.

ShippingEasy features.
  • Industry-best shipping rates from USPS and UPS
  • Multichannel shipping: connect all your selling channels and orders in one place
  • Powerful automation and presets streamlines shipping, tracking, and returns
  • Customer marketing and branding tools to grow your business
  • Award-winning support, however you need it: live phone, chat, and email
Best reviews:
Date: April 20, 2022
Author: Chef Gerrie
Great service, quick response. The name says it all...Shipping Easy. Plus the integrations of Amazon, Walmart, Shopify... and other shipping to retail customers is so easy, convenient, and the savings are great! Get it...You may just like it TOO much! Chef Gerrie LLC at Show more
Date: July 06, 2022
Author: Hinge Meister
I have been using Shipping Easy since 2015 on a different platform. I had 2 requirements when it was time to upgrade to Shopify. One is eBay integration and the other is ShippingEasy integration. I setup ShippingEasy to automatically provide custom packing slips for Shopify sales and eBay sales. Also, I offer rebates for some of my products which ShippingEasy prints at the same time as the packing slips. ShippingEasy prints the labels on my Zebra printer and provides a "Pay on Use" return label for the rebate products. The Zebra label printer and my Brother inkjet printer are attached to my desktop and ConnectEasy sends the labels and packing slips to the printers simultaneously. I use the ShippingEasy app on the phone or laptop when I'm out of town. The labels and slips are printed at the office and waiting for my partner to fulfill the orders. Returns are easy too. It takes 2 clicks to email a return label to a customer. It takes time to setup ShippingEasy to the level it's set for my shop, but it's time well spent. Show more
Date: June 15, 2022
Author: R. Drew Naturals
I have been using this app for over 2 years and I am 100% satisfied. I love that I can send emails with my branding and can send marketing emails and texts Show more
Date: June 15, 2022
Author: Studio Penny Lane
Super convenient, avoids mistakes, saves time, excellent options. I wouldn't think of shipping on my own again! Show more
Date: June 15, 2022
Author: Catch the Fire Worship Flags
I've been using ShippingEasy for several years, previously with WooCommerce integration and now with Shopify. It also integrates with Amazon & Etsy so that I can manage everything related to shipping and inventory. I honestly don't know other small businesses don't know about this great software - it's better than ShipStation, Ship Pirate or I recommend it to everyone. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: June 17, 2021
Author: Zayra Mo
Bad experience they charge you from 0 to the second plan without have orders and they dont reimburse you, neither the money you paid in advance to USPS through them! Show more
Date: May 11, 2021
Author: Kapa Nui
BEWARE!! I just found out that they are over charging me for shipping on the back end for well over a month. Their label 'buy button' charge is much higher than the actual charge to your account. Check your history! Over a week and still no resolution from support. I have to keep calling for an update. I even spoke with the manager Brandon & Matt Jared etc and still no communication. Show more
Date: February 17, 2021
Author: MuskOx
Very disappointed in the customer service. We have a major issue because this app can not support multiple fulfillment locations (even though it is totally normal within the industry and supported by Shopify). We reached out for help and Shipping Easy said they don't care and it's not their problem. Shopify also reached out and got no response. Show more
Date: November 26, 2021
Author: stā BODY
I tolerated this app for nearly 5 years...getting worse with each update. The final straw was when I paid for $25.00 of postage, but instead was charged $1000.00. While I was dialing customer support, I was charged an additional $1000.00. After getting bounced all over with customer support repeatedly telling me they can't do anything, I was instructed to close my account to force a refund. I was told I would receive the refund in 1-3 weeks. After canceling my account I receive an email confirming the cancellation, but advising that I would be refunded any unused balance within 6-8 weeks. I called customer support again to clarify. After another 40 minutes I was assured that I should ignore the email because my claim was "expedited" and I would in fact receive a refund in 1-3 weeks. After nearly 5 weeks with no word, I called and asked for an update. The response... "Well if you had read the agreement, you would know that it takes 6-8 weeks for a refund to be processed. There is nothing in the notes about an expedited refund. I don't even know what that means because its out of our control." I asked to speak to a manager and was told, "Why...they aren't going to tell you anything different. There is nothing we can do for you and we don't even have your money. You will just have to wait 6-8 weeks for the postal service to figure it out." I then asked if they were implying that it would be an additional 6-8 weeks, to which they replied "yes". I advised that I would just take it up with my bank, to which they replied, "Yeah, that's a good idea" So here I am, a small company who had nearly $2000.00 stolen by Shipping Easy/, and the only thing they can come up with is to tell me to go away and they will give me my money back when they get around to it. I found another app outside of the family. Once I saw the difference, I was actually embarrassed that it took me getting ripped off to find a better performing app Show more
Date: July 05, 2022
Author: Thersipo
be careful, they never tell you they will charge you 5 per month even if you don't use it. And after you cancel it, they keep charging, it took me three months to completely get them to stop charging. Show more

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