Below you can find netParcel Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Shipping apps. netParcel app was developed by netParcel. The rating is 4.8 based on 220 reviews. netParcel price Free to install. External charges may apply.

Launch date: April, 2013

netParcel summary.
  • Save Money. Big Savings on UPS, Purolator, DHL, Canpar/Loomis, GO Logistic
  • Save Time. Compare rates, select carriers and print shipping labels in minutes
  • Be Confident. netParcel uses only the most reliable carriers
Best reviews:
Date: February 02, 2022
Author: Adi Fine Art
This app is GREAT! Shipping products has never been made easier. With this shopify app I am able to create labels easily and don’t need to worry about copying and pasting my customer’s information. All you need to do is type the order number and Net Parcel’s system fills in all the blanks! And let’s speak about finding the best shipping rates… this app does it all for you. I’ve always found it super tedious and annoying to have to review every single courier website to find the lowest rate. Net Parcel solves that issue by populating all courier shipping rates on one page so that I can select the one that appeals to me the most! One thing to note is that they aren’t partnered with Canada Post, but that doesn’t bother me. Would nonetheless 10/10 recommend!
Date: February 15, 2022
Author: LLUME Jewelry
I use this app ALL THE TIME for amazing rates on shipping. Love that it syncs with shopify. Their support is really great and easy to reach, too. Overall highly recommended for any shopify user or any business use case if you want incredible rates on couriers.
Date: February 14, 2022
Author: Starseed Designs Inc.
Great experience with NetParcel. Their rates and customer service are both top notch. Highly recommended.
Date: March 11, 2022
Author: Signal Flares Inc
Although we had previous tech issues, netParcel was very quick to help resolve them and had outstanding customer service.
Date: March 03, 2022
Author: The Olfactory Lab
Netparcel has been great for our business! Convenient drop-off locations and competitive shipping rates. One of the reasons why we decided to stay with NetParcel is their customer service, Spencer is top tier. 10/10 would recommend.

Worst reviews:
Date: April 23, 2019
Author: Mosaic Jewels
Install and uninstall, wasting my time. NO ONE CAN BEAT LOCAL POSTAL SERVICE. butter to mention and don't wast people time please and thank you
Date: September 07, 2016
Author: Eldo 3
SECOND UPDATE - we had been using this plug in for months with spotty success. We weren't paying for this app, it is free with the expectation that you use them for your shipping provider. After our last round of issues, everything was working ok and we were in talks to move all of our online shipping for the US and Canada to netParcel. Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, the plug in stopped working and we were not notified by netParcel at all. Big weekend for our sales and we couldn't fill a single order. Once again, their customer/technical support person, Suhayl, was rude and unhelpful not only to me but also to our Director of Outdoor. We have been trying to get set up with them to do ALL of our shipping in the US and Canada for our online orders but the level of customer service and treatment of us as potential business partner has led us to delete the app and move our business elsewhere. UPDATE to my first review of this app - they have gone above and beyond to fix our technical issues with our store and their app. We hope to be able to fix the last issue we are having (displaying transit estimates but they don't have control of that, it's the API) so that we can keep them as our shipping app. We have had nothing but issues with their plug in not showing rates for our customers. First they told us it was a server problem on their end, that it would be fixed the next day. That they would send us a report of all the people that didn't receive rates. And we heard nothing and we're still having this problem. Now it's Shopify's fault and nothing they can do. Their customer service and technical support has completely blown us off after countless phone calls and unanswered emails to their support address. This has cost us numerous sales in the short time that we've had our site integrated with their service and I would NOT recommend using them for your store.
Date: April 06, 2015
Author: Bijou Cove
Support was not very good. The tool would not connect my store. Support said it was a known issue. No one contacted me to resolve it as I was told. I called again today and someone who was not interested in helping just wanted to know the cost of the items I would ship and said it was express shipping only, which is useless info to the known issue with their product. — Completely unhelpful. Waste of time. Good luck if you need to get an issue resolved.
Date: August 09, 2021
Author: Zen Den Candles
I don't like writing bad reviews - but unfortunately, I have to take away the 5 stars that I gave to netParcel 3 years ago. I now rate them as a 1 (ONE). Yes - their discounts are good (though others are lower) - but any savings I recognized from their shipping rates was lost many times over when the company failed to stand behind their services whenever things went wrong at their end - or when they failed to pay out insurance claims - without reason or explanation. I no longer use this app nor recommend their services. I have spoken with management about my problems a few times - they listen, they apologize, they say it won't happen again - but No corrective actions were ever initiated or taken to investigate, address or refund my losses. ******************** (MY ORIGINAL REVIEW : Rating 5 of 5 stars Posted April 10, 2018) I run 3 different Shopify storefronts and over the past 3 years have tried several different shipping consolidators / integrators. Have finally settled on netParcel for all or my business. The rates are the best, with a nice interface and great customer support. Thank You)
Date: December 06, 2018
Author: Saltspringsoapworks
With the latest Canada Post disruption and Purolator no longer providing pickups from netParcel we have become very disappointed with netParcel and it's customer service and lack of communication at a crucial time of year for shipping. -- Gary Quiring President, Saltspring Soapworks Ltd.

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