Shiprocket ‑ Shipping in India

Below you can find Shiprocket ‑ Shipping in India Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Shipping apps. Shiprocket ‑ Shipping in India app was developed by Shiprocket. The rating is 3.9 based on 412 reviews. Shiprocket ‑ Shipping in India price Free plan available.

Launch date: July, 2017

Shiprocket ‑ Shipping in India summary.
  • Widest Reach At Lowest Cost. Get widest reach to 29,000+ pin codes in India at the lowest shipping rates with 17+ courier partners. Start shipping @ Rs.20/500gm.
  • Automated NDR Workflow. Record buyer’s response and update courier partner about delivery attempt. Reduce RTO by 10% with efficient NDR Management.
  • QC-Enabled Return Management. Efficient order return management with QC enabled reverse pickups. Choose from different quality check options.

Shiprocket ‑ Shipping in India features.
  • Features of Shiprocket Shipping App
  • Shiprocket is available only in India.
Best reviews:
Date: January 11, 2022
Author: Bongosaj
Very nice working with shiprocket. Thank you for the assistance. Account manager appreciate your work
Date: December 10, 2021
Author: Beromt
It helped me out as our Shiprocket Account Manager has told us the information regarding the syncing part and through that our work has been made more easier for the same.
Date: November 27, 2021
Author: nicepick
good features and as well as great support. Prices are also competitive. overall experience is good.
Date: November 23, 2021
Loved the services. The new Engage feature is helping us a lot with reducing NDR. Our Account manager Mr. Saurabh is helping us promptly wherever we get stuck. Overall a great experience so far.
Date: November 23, 2021
Author: QuartzComponents
WOW , It's great app for shipping anywhere in the India. We are using this application past 2 years and Excellent app for shipping.

Worst reviews:
Date: February 11, 2022
Author: My Lil Princess
The customer care is pathetic. They just hnag the call when they cannot resolve the issue. The only response they give is " Our team is working on the issue". My shipment is not delivered since last 3 weeks and no one is aware where the shipment is.
Date: October 30, 2021
Author: computerspace
India's most worst service provider, they lost my packet after 21 days of shipment. I was following they from 3rd day of shipment. Never replied on time. Only mail reminder and auto answer. It was very very frustrating to doing business with them. If there is -ve rating I would like to give him. Never recommend anyone to use there business. Very very disappointing by there services.
Date: October 28, 2021
Author: EQVT™
Very frustrating service, the customer service from shiprocket is THE worst ever. Everytime we tried to escalate the issue we have to wait atleast 24-48 hrs. but the issue is still not closed, then again when we try to call them they repeat the same process to wait for more 24-48 hrs. Telling the customer service guys to solve the problem is literally MADNESS!! they do not listen and always make their word come true. We are facing frequent RTO, COD Remittance delays, NDR's, and whatnot! Horrible service.
Date: October 13, 2021
Author: click shoope
such a freak app guys don't use this fRAUD app this person will take 5-6 days for pick up and after they will create NDR
Date: September 02, 2021
The Biggest MISTAKE I did in my e-commerce business IS USING SHIPROCKET. This service is so bad that it can completely spoil your ecom business. Here are the issues I faced but never got the solution... 1. Pickup Exeption issue - The courier boys were picking up the parcels but not updating in the shiprocket portal that the parcels have been picked up hence some parcels show pickup exception and when we share the signed manifest with the Shiprocket support team, they delay the process always. I had around 20 cases like this and they never solved the issue and in return they say that you have done FAKE sign on Manifest, haha... what an amazing reason to close the case. 2. No Transparency on COD remittance - We cannot see how much COD amount has been collected in the portal, everytime we have to call in the support number to know the amount and someone will tell you a different figure and then another person will tell you a different figure. 3. Fake Attempts - The delivery boys from the aggregated courier companies make a LOT of fake attempts and when you share the proof with Shiprocket team, the support team just delay the process and hence the shipment becomes RTO. If you are going with Shiprocket, then you should expect a jump in your RTO percentage by 20-30%. The list of problems can go on and on with shiprocket. But even after reading the above feedback if you want to go with Shiprocket then feel free to ship at least 100 pacels and then the picture will be very clear to you. Or if you want a better solution then go with Ithink logistics (Way better) --------------------------- In the end, I just want to tell to the shiprocket team that, kindly improve your work. I have my so many parcels pending (ticket no. 3171114), solve them if you have the willingness. I will be very happy to change my feedback based on the improved performance. --------------------------- Thank You

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