Store Pickup by Sketch Themes

Below you can find Store Pickup by Sketch Themes Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Store Pickup apps. Store Pickup by Sketch Themes app was developed by SketchApps. The rating is 4.5 based on 4 reviews. Store Pickup by Sketch Themes price $5/month. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: March, 2018

Store Pickup by Sketch Themes summary.
  • Store Pickup. Let your customer pick their order in store using this app.
  • Store Locator. Let your customer locate your multiple stores on map easily.
  • One Click Setup. Very handy to install and use with hassle free non technical setup.

Store Pickup by Sketch Themes features.
  • How will this app help in business?
Best reviews:
Date: February 24, 2021
Awesome app! It works exactly as expected. I would recommend this app to extend your store functionality and help your customers find your location with the exact pickup date and time while completing their purchases.
Date: July 29, 2020
Author: Eat Drink Collective Shop
Very Simple and nice user experience. Design for easy store pickup with numerous settings like holiday marker, time slots, multiple store location with google maps etc. Highly recommended app.

Worst reviews:
Date: April 03, 2018
Author: Cakeboxme
The app still lets the site charges a shipping fee. Make no sense to charge a shipping fee when the whole point of Store Pickup is that people pick it up themselves, i.e. NO shipping fee because nothing was shipped. It also takes a while to load the Store Pickup button on the cart page. The wait is long enough to make you wonder if the app was installed or if the Store Pickup option is available. You can not set the days/time for pickup either. So if someone wanted to pickup something at 7pm on a Sunday, they could set it. I'll end up manually explaining store timings to so many customers. The only thing going for this app is that it's the cheapest in its category. But that means it lacks most of the basic functionality other apps offer.
Date: March 21, 2018
Author: Hhn Marketplace
This app is extremely limited and lacks several important tools, not a lot of thought really seemed to go into it at all: WHAT LACKS: 1). The customer can select whatever date and time they choose (which is great) but if your business operates by certain days and times for pickup, there is no option or customization available to where you can specify certain dates and times for pickup. I don't want a customer thinking they can pickup a package from our shop at 11:00 p.m at night (make this make sense now) 2). CUSTOMIZATION - back again to the customization factor. There is absolutely no way to customize the icons of the store pickup app to match the feel and look of your brand/website; in which it can make your website look a bit tacky and unprofessional (unless your website colors are black and white, then its fine) but if your website brand is different colors, the icons are going to just be in black and white with no way to customize the look and feel to match your brand so it will look out of place. 3.) LACK OF PLACEMENT ON CART PAGE - Once the app is installed on your website and you go to test the app on the cart page, you'll notice that the pick up option is located way below (too low) I almost didn't even notice it was there until scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the cart page which is terrible! Leaving you with no way to even move the pick up option button somewhere else on the cart page that is more suitable. You would think this would have been something the app creator would have thought about or at least to automatically have the pickup option placed in a suitable position on the cart page. 3.) NO OPTION TO SELECT WHAT PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP - Another major issue with this app is that there is no way for you to choose and select what products are available and mandatory for pickup only. If you're a business owner that only wants certain products available for pickup, then you can just forget about it with this app because that option is not available for you. 4.) NO MAXIMUM OR MINIMUM DAYS FOR PICKUPS - There is also no way to setup how many days maximum a customer can have up to when placing an pickup order in advance, as well as no minimum days for how many days the customer will have to pickup their order. Also I don't want a customer thinking that there are same-day pickup for products. You should at least be presented with the option to even have it setup in the app where we can choose to have same-day pickup or not for our customers. 5.) NO WAY FOR EXTRA CUSTOMER INFORMATION - No way for the customer to leave extra information if they needed to add a note to their pickup order, phone number or to let you know if someone else would be picking up the order in their place and being able to provide the person name who's going to be picking up the order in their place, etc. The only decent thing about this Store Pickup app by SketchThemes is that it's cheap. But even then, it's really not even worth spending $5.00 monthly in my opinion and I give this app a 1 star. This app needs serious work and a lot of improvement. I uninstalled this app and will be looking for another store pickup app that is more suitable and versatile for our company's needs.

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