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Below you can find Shop Protector Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Store Protector apps. Shop Protector app was developed by Human Presence Technology. The rating is 4.4 based on 88 reviews. Shop Protector price From $3.99/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: December, 2016

Shop Protector summary.

Protect your shop from form spam and bots. Stop fake orders, fake accounts, and checkout bots. New: Compatible with Online Store 2.0 Fraud and spam are two of the biggest frustrations for eCommerce businesses. Our team of web security experts designed Shop Protector to specifically eliminate these threats for Shopify store owners. Our app runs silently in the background of each connected Shopify site to analyze and protect your store in real-time against malicious activity designed to disrupt your business. Increase security. Decrease frustration. Grow sales.

Shop Protector features.
  • Stop form spam on all forms without Recaptcha.
  • Implement checkout protection options to secure your store from bots.
  • Bulk cancel suspicious orders with 1 click.
  • Customize order rules to stop know bots and fraudulent activity.
  • Protect your inventory from bots and improve the customer experience.
Best reviews:
Date: December 01, 2022
Author: Camo Ever After
This has been working very well since install (support helped me make sure all forms are protected). I was able to turn off the annoying captcha and I am not getting ANY spam customer signups (so far using for 2 weeks)! I was getting hundreds of fake customers A DAY when I turned off captcha before and got super messy with the klaviyo connection too. Show more
Date: January 26, 2023
Author: EggCartons.Com
We're a big fan of this app. 10-50 NEW spam accounts were being added to our store each day. This app got that down to zero. We had a recent new issue with spam accounts while using this app still and they fixed it. Customer service has been responsive and helpful. We would recommend this app to anyone needing protection against spam accounts! Show more
Date: March 08, 2023
Author: Seiglam
I installed this app for the problem with spam and found terrific support that helped me protect my contact forms with so much helpfulness. I recommend contacting them, they will know how to help you. Congratulations Show more
Date: February 15, 2023
Author: Introvertie VIENNA
Before adding this app to my store I had some trouble with spam and bots. Now my store is fully protected. Haven't had any issues since. Customer service is great. Quick to reply and helpful. Very glad to have found this app. Show more
Date: April 03, 2023
Author: Alexandra Harbushka Co
I was getting 10-20 new profiles created daily. It was frustrating because I didn't know who was real and who was a bot. Anyway, using this app has stopped the bot spam and I'm no longer getting the fake profiles. Totally worth the service. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: December 16, 2019
Author: Safana Jewellery
Do NOT download this app. They cancelled 2 of my customer orders due to their own 'fraud analysis'. Shopify's fraud analysis said it was a low risk order, however Shop Protector app decided to cancel for no reason. One customer paid with Klarna Buy Now Pay Later and another with Visa. Both customers reached out to me after regarding their cancelled order. This app will ruin your business and you will lose out on potential orders. Both of my orders were high value orders and because of Shop Protector I almost lost had the customers not reached out to me themselves. I had this app for only a week! Show more
Date: November 29, 2019
Author: SeabuckWonders
Zero stars. Negative zero stars. It's Black Friday. This app cancelled and REFUNDED 13 orders on my website. All of these sales were lost. And guess what? No one can fix the problem because it's a third party app. DO NOT USE THIS APP! Show more
Date: April 29, 2022
Author: Victoria's Chest
UPDATE: The app developer personally attacked me in an email even though one of their employees was very kind in wanting to help me fix the problem explaining the delay. But because of what the CEO said to me I will never pay for any of their services or recommend it to anyone. I'm the kind of person that will change my review if I get great service. But that email just told me I did the right thing in expressing my frustrations. Shopify you need to protect your store owners from companies that treat them like this! I stand by what I said below: This app killed my stores performance. When I tried to reach out to them for help I got no response. So I'm taking the stars I gave originally completely away. As a business owner going to school and raising my kids I do not have time to chase companies like this down only to get ignored. I'm moving on and seriously thinking about leaving Shopify altogether. I have nothing but headaches dealing with this platform. Show more
Date: April 05, 2023
Author: The Singer Featherweight Shop
When it worked, it was fine, but if it went down (which was becoming more and more frequent), customers would think they were submitting their forms to us, but would actually be taken to some off-site green screen (with fake confirmation message that we had received their messages when, in fact we actually were NOT receiving them!! They were gone to oblivion and we'd never know or see customer messages that came in when app was down.). We would not received any notification app was down, we just finally would notice it had been several hours, or over a weekend, etc and no customer messages were coming in, so we would run a test and sure enough - green screen off-site indicating to us form was down for who knows how long. Unfortunately, app functionality is beholden to their configuration, so we were held hostage for repair and restoration. Service and support were awful. No response for days, had to email owner a couple of times just to trigger a reply. Once, he tried to manipulate to negotiate a positive review. We finally had to acquire our own code IT team to disable the app and redo the forms ourselves. Shop Protector / Human Presence was our worst app experience and we cannot recommend their services. Show more
Date: April 06, 2023
Author: Clean Folks Club
Update: Not only does the app slow down my site, it threw some layouts of my sections off and completely ruined functions of some. For eg product thumbnails for Recommended products all skewed to the left, and 'Quick View' of products no longer work. Unfortunately fighting the bots versus ruining the site is just not worth it. Slows down site speed BY A LOT.. So much so that I have customers in my inbox asking why my imaged are not showing and turns out they only loaded after minutes if you get redirected after signing up on a form that was 'protected'. Checked my Gmetrix and noticed a big drop in speed as well. Disappointing. I was hoping the other poor reviews weren't right. Show more

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