Auglio Fashion Try‑On Plugin

Below you can find Auglio Fashion Try‑On Plugin Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Virtual try-on apps. Auglio Fashion Try‑On Plugin app was developed by Auglio. The rating is 4.4 based on 21 reviews. Auglio Fashion Try‑On Plugin price From $39/month. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: March, 2015

Auglio Fashion Try‑On Plugin summary.

Augmented reality plugin for E-commerce. Perfect for eyewear, coloured contact lenses and jewellery. Our virtual try-on feature boosts conversions and cuts returns. The AR solutions we offer enable e-commerce businesses to provide interactive, fun shopping without having to send physical items.

Auglio Fashion Try‑On Plugin features.
  • Artificial 3D model creation from your 2D pictures
  • Precise facial point detection for more realistic appearance
  • Automatic product size measurement
  • Native appearance & higher conversion growth compared to other solutions
  • Perfect for eyewear, coloured and crazy contact lenses and jewellery
Best reviews:
Date: October 27, 2021
Author: Ottika Canada
We are using this app on our site for Sunglasses and Eyeglasses, they are timely and responsive. They are very professional! Show more
Date: September 06, 2022
Author: Vanto
I conducted thorough research and this is the best app on offer on Shopify. Your potential shopper can make a fool proof & informed decision on their eyewear purchase by assessing their glasses purchase in real-time, rather than a static image. Jan provided excellent support throughout the entire set-up process. Show more
Date: September 07, 2022
Author: Horus X
Support is great! I would have given 5 stars review but the analytics are really the weakness of this app. [EDIT] : They've improved the analytics recently, it's way better now good job. Support is still great and very helpful. Show more
Date: October 11, 2022
Author: آيڤ | موقع آيڤ | آيڤ للنظارات الشمسية والطبية | آيڤ السعودية
Powerful technology, very great support team they were very helpful and kind specially Lenka... Thank you so Much Show more
Date: November 09, 2022
Author: Tribu Eyewear
If you want to add the ability to let customers try on glasses in your store, this app does exactly what you are looking for. Products and variants of products can all quickly be turned into 3D models, which you create simply by uploading PNGs. The support is fast, responsive and very helpful as well. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: October 09, 2020
Author: K EYE CO Online
Apart from being expensive, it does not work on the Facebook browser. What's the use when most of your customers are being referred from Facebook & then it says that the camera is not supported on the Facebook browser. Even on Instagram browser loading gets stuck at 100% & the camera still doesn't open. Show more
Date: November 20, 2018
Author: Colossein Sunglasses Official
it can not work.... sometimes work, sometimes can not work, it is so funny for an app,so terrible..... Show more
Date: September 22, 2018
Author: TechKara 😍
You all are the worst company ever good product but extremely poor customer service you are charged $129 and they provide no service as far as installing and setting up the app that cost that much money and when I reached out for help I didn’t get any type of help so after you charge a person 129 you should be able to help them install this product for $129 I mean that’s just make senses you charge people and then you don’t provide the proper help for them to install this product So let me be very very clear everyone I haven’t been able to use this application for a full 24 hours but yet still I’ve been charged $129 they won’t refund me my money and they refused to help me set up the service that they charge me for worst company ever be warned Shopify community be warned if at all possible please stay away from this company they’re just literally two actions away from a full scam please be on alert community please I wish this app would be taken out of the community it’s taken down the respectability and integrity that we have all come to expect from dealing with the community of the other applications have no problem first off assisting you with installing their products but most importantly after they figure out there’s some type a problem there they have no problem refunding you your money but before that they help you and these app don’t cost nearly as much as this app but they provide better customer service which is backwards for the money you paid to this company they should be more than willing to help install the product that they made any company should be able to stand behind their product and provide A decent service for their product. Thank you for wasting my time thank you for wasting my money and thank you for misrepresenting this community. Show more
Date: March 13, 2016
Author: Shillcat
It's a very poor app that doesn't work. Show more

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