How do I install the reviews widget on my site?

Currently, there is no way to install the reviews widget on your site with Reputon. Actually, Reputon serves a bit different purpose - it helps your business get as much positive reviews as possible on multiple third party review websites like Google Business, Trustpilot, Yelp,, etc. and therefore improve your SEO and give your site better visibility in the search engines. Plus, it helps you avoid negative reviews on those third party sites and gives you the opportunity to work directly with your customers to resolve the issues.

If you still want to embed a review widget on your website you can use any review vendor app that you can find in the Shopify app store (like the Trustpilot's). But again, we encourage you collecting reviews on multiple platforms, not on single one, to maximize your website credibility for your customers and for the better SEO.

How do I send the followup emails to my previous customers?

Reputon automatically collects all fulfilled orders up to 2 months old right after it's installation. After that it processes those customers and sends them the followup emails giving your business the instant rating boost.

How long do I wait for the reviews to start coming in?

The open rate for the followup emails depends on the subject that you set up but typically it's something around 50-60%. The review link click rate depends on your custom email template but usually it's around 20%. Assuming that data, if you had a 100 orders, you will get about 5-10 reviews (if everything is set up correctly). These numbers are subject to change and you will be informed about your click and open rate in our monthly stats newsletter.

The number of new reviews strongly depends on your orders volume. So please be realistic, and let the Reputon work a bit longer if you have a low volume of orders. Sooner or later the reviews will start popping in!

I configured just one review site. Is it enough?

Reputon will help you grow feedback on that review site, for sure. But the full potential of Reputon is uncovered only when you configure multiple third party reviews sites and let the feedback grow on all of them (registering with Google My Business, Trustpilot or any other review site is free!). By doing so you will help the search engines pick your reviews pages on those sites and move you up in search results. The SEO benefits are immence if you configure multiple review sites, proved by hundreds of Shopify sellers!

How do I find my Google Reviews link?

Please make sure that you have an existing Google My Business account. If you do, Reputon will try to retrieve your review URL automatically. If you see that it failed to do so, first find your business by its name and the street address, then in the right block click the Write a review button. After the review form popup shows up, just copy the URL from your browser and insert it into the Reputon configuration. The link should look similar to this one:,3,,,

What email trigger do I choose? "Order delivered" or "Order fulfilled"?

Please choose the "Order delivered" trigger only if you ship with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express or Canada Post carriers. Otherwise just keep the "Order fulfilled" trigger and set the number of days big enough for your packages to arrive to your clients.