Variant Option Product Options

Below you can find Variant Option Product Options Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Product Options apps. Variant Option Product Options app was developed by Relentless Apps. The rating is 4.7 based on 770 reviews. Variant Option Product Options price Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: July, 2017

Variant Option Product Options summary.
  • Infinite Product Options 2.0. buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns +more. Personalize products w/ custom text boxes (monograms), upload images, gift wrapping, multiple variants
  • Color/ Variant image Swatches. unlimited options/ unlimited variants; textboxes, engraving, upload fields /image uploader, multi-select & conditional logic product variant
  • Price Addons. Add price add ons, advanced product options. Perfect custom product builder for clothing, shoes, pod. custom product options, product custom

Variant Option Product Options features.
  • Compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes
  • Features
  • Unlimited Options
  • Unlimited Product Options:
  • Price Add-ons
  • Dynamic Product Options
  • Display what is in stock
  • Advanced Product Options w/Multi-Select Options
Best reviews:
Date: April 13, 2022
Tolle App! Es ist sehr einfach auch abhängige Optionen & Varianten zu erstellen - das gibt es so sonst nirgends. Auch Price Addons sind sehr einfach möglich. Support ist sehr hilfreich und konnte alle meine Probleme sehr schnell lösen. Kann diese App uneingeschränkt empfehlen!
Date: April 08, 2022
Author: More Circular
This app did exactly what I needed, I trialed this one and another and Variant Option was way easier to use. The service has also been great, a question was quickly answered. Highly recommend it if you need more than 3 product options!
Date: April 08, 2022
Author: SAMPUR
J'ai utilisé cette application pour créer un variant sur un de mes produits, ayant eu un problème ils ont su m'aider, je recommande.
Date: April 21, 2022
Author: Jessie Anne
Super fast, fixed my site in a few days, but response time was immediate. SO GRATEFUL. Awesome app -- exactly what I needed for my store.
Date: April 18, 2022
Author: Custom Dog Collars
Excellent app, very happy it does exactly what it says it will. The service was impeccable when I requested help with a feature within the app. I would recommend to anyone.

Worst reviews:
Date: September 13, 2021
Author: Eternal Roses®
This app appeared to be very good and useful, however it broke the swatch option on my product and would not uninstall completely. Contacting the app developer proved to be unhelpful as they stated that the app was fully removed and the issue was not something that was caused by their coding.
Date: October 14, 2021
Author: East Grande
I installed this app with the intention of using it for just one product. Simple to set up, everything seemed fine. The next day after installing it my store got 0 sales. Even for products that weren't using the app. It had been getting many sales every single day up until today. The only thing I could think of that I changed was adding the app (again, I wasn't even setting it up for my current running products). Well, I realized when customers added products to cart, my store would just freeze - they couldn't go to cart or initiate checkout. So, I deleted the app to see if this made a difference. And guess what - I refreshed and tried again - and could now access checkout again. I literally tried this with multiple products on my store (that weren't using the app) and got the same issue every time. Deleting the app seemed to do the trick. So I now spent an entire day on ads running traffic to a store that freezes upon adding a product to cart, because of this app. Hate to leave negative reviews but sadly in this case I had no choice.
Date: December 18, 2021
I'm using this app with the Shella theme which was performing just fine at first. It seemed to be compatible until last night. I've had 7 sales come thru that were attempting to buy one product and were shown an opposite product in the cart. They were also charged for the opposite product which means I have to issue 7 refunds. This has also slowed down my sales as I get 20/day before this time and today is my busiest day of the week and I'm sitting at 7 sales???? I lost money over this app glitching tf out.
Date: April 14, 2022
Author: Sleep First
This app does not do anything we needed for variants. It's very basic, and we were misled. They told us: "Unfortunately, upsell apps that change the functionality of the add to cart or checkout button will delete our app's data. Most product option apps will have the same issue. You also cannot use any Shopify discount codes." They also said "just delete your other apps so ours will work." We have learned this is false information, and we replaced the app with a better version. Not helpful people.
Date: March 28, 2022
Author: Foxes and Ravens
Use Variant Option Product Options by Best instead! This app, by Relentless Apps, was the first one to do Image Swatches that I came across when I was first opening my shop, and I wish I never had added it. When I first got it, it was free, and I could use the Image Swatches for free as well, but eventually they decided to bump up their price to take advantage of fools like me who didn't have time to search for another app. The interface is infuriating and difficult to use, it's very counter-intuitive, has almost no visuals at all, at least, it didn't up until the moment I uninstalled it on March 28, 2022. You have to scroll through huge columns of text, you cannot search for your items by collection or tag, the only way to do anything in the app is to know the exact names of your items. The "Duplicate" option is phrased in a confusing way, so you can't tell if you're selecting the item you wish to copy or the item you wish to copy TO, it doesn't always work, and you can barely tell if it's done anything or not. You have to search for the item AGAIN, by its full title, to then click on it, and see if the change was made. I was able to accept all of these flaws because it was free. But for the last many months, without my really knowing, this app was costing me nearly $10 a month! Horrifying! The other odd thing I noticed was the name would change every now and then, which I found strange, but didn't think anything of it. Now that I see it has the same name as another app, which has all of the same features FOR FREE, and guaranteed to always be free. My guess is that they changed the name, probably multiple times, to try to match this other app, to trick more hapless fools like me into getting it, and then charging them nearly $10 a month for an app that barely functions. tldr: Get the app by Best of the same name. You won't be disappointed.

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