Custom Product Options

Below you can find Custom Product Options Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Product Options apps. Custom Product Options app was developed by W3trends. The rating is 4.8 based on 288 reviews. Custom Product Options price From $8.99/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: December, 2015

Custom Product Options summary.

Add unlimited product options. Includes a live product preview based on the options selected. You asked for it! So we built it! Now harness the unlimited possibilities of Custom Product Options and bring your product’s features to life with the new Image Customizer! The app allows users to preview options live on the product page! Check our Demo shop for a demonstration. Now also featuring an image picker for your options, and a Width x Height calculator!

Custom Product Options features.
  • Live product preview
  • Supports add-on pricing
  • Easy to use
Best reviews:
Date: November 30, 2022
Author: Insane Haunt Productions LLC
I loved their support. They even went above and beyond when I couldn't figure it out and did it for me. Just be nice and descriptive about what you're trying to do they want to help you make it work. Show more
Date: January 07, 2023
GOODBYE PRODUCT VARIANTS!!! CPO allowed me to get rid of product variants - which were causing so many issues for my store. The new CPO app is really a game changer - it makes life so much easier for us. Plus, running upgrade product reports are much easier. IF VARIANTS ARE CAUSING YOU PROBLEMS, THIS APP SOLVES IT!!!!!!!! THANK YOU W3 TRENDS!!! Show more
Date: January 05, 2023
Author: The Cheers Co.
I've had Custom Product Options installed for about a year now. Cannot fault the app or the service provided by the team. There's been numerous times I've called upon the help of the developers for various reasons (never for a fault of the app). They are so quick to respond despite being on the other side of the world to me! And they always nail it first time around! So pleased I stumbled across this app, it makes my online store function exactly as I need it to! Cheers guys! Show more
Date: January 20, 2023
Author: Sugarfinery London Limited
We have used Custom Product Options for a couple of years now and it has been a fantastic app for our website, I am not great with IT and I can use it with ease and we have recently had an issue ( no fault of Custom Product Options ) but our own team and they very quickly jumped to help and have sorted the issue out, great company and excellent customer service. Show more
Date: January 18, 2023
Author: My Store
Very good app and the people there are very nice. With this app I finally got all my expectations from Shopify. Thank you guys. Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: January 10, 2021
Author: Germotte Photo & Framing Studio
Terrible service, when i ask to fix the problem from the app Changes the price on the product page when an option with an upcharge is selected, changes the item price in the cart to include all upchrage products, and install image customizer. their only answer was to pay 187.5$ to fix it bad service. non-functioning app. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. Show more
Date: July 27, 2020
Author: Ferris Wheel Press
The support is truly horrible. They messed up the install of our theme which led to huge issues in our store. When we reached out for urgent help, they just gave us generic answers. STAY AWAY! Show more
Date: April 23, 2019
Megan ruined my store. Do not install this app as they will not understand what you need, even if you tell them 100 times in the most basic of terms, including video examples. I grew exhausted trying to get an answer from these guys, and never got any that made sense.There is way too much wrong with this app and the service, I won't even. Show more
Date: November 21, 2018
Author: ANT
you can not install the app because it is a trap when you ask for help they want extra $25 try and see waste of time Show more
Date: March 12, 2018
Author: Doggie Diva Store
I hate this app. I had a developer add it for me and when I went to set it up, it was way too time consuming to add all the options and add the "conditional logic". After you set up the conditional logic, lets say you have 20 product options with different price amounts, you then have to create 20 new products with those product prices and it's just a mess. Huge time waster and I have been spending my money on this app for the past few months till I launched and now have to start over. Wish I had looked into it earlier on. Show more

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