inkFrog for eBay

Below you can find inkFrog for eBay Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Ebay apps. inkFrog for eBay app was developed by inkFrog, Inc. The rating is 3.8 based on 428 reviews. inkFrog for eBay price Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: August, 2014

inkFrog for eBay summary.
  • We make selling on eBay easy. Import your Shopify products to eBay and keep your store in sync. Sync inventory, pricing, title, description, quantities and more.
  • Make beautiful eBay listings. Brand your eBay store to match your Shopify store. Create eye catching eBay listings that look and feel like your own brand on eBay.
  • Manage eBay like a pro. InkFrog's eBay listing software saves time selling on eBay & Amazon while making it simple and easy to keep up with eBay's marketplace.

inkFrog for eBay features.
  • List quickly & manage your eBay & Amazon business... BETTER!
  • Create beautiful eBay listings
  • Listing profiles
  • Sync updates
  • Image uploader & manager
  • Auto relist rules
  • inkFrog listing storage
  • Template Builder
  • Order & customer management
  • eBay messaging built in
  • Multiple eBay ID's
  • Custom Template Support
  • Create variation listings
  • List to multiple eBay markets
  • Multi-channel support
  • eBay Feedback
Best reviews:
Date: September 11, 2021
Very happy so far with this app. Much easier to use than most of the other apps. Integration is much easier. I am not technically savvy and this app was not stressful in setting up and using at all.
Date: April 02, 2022
Author: Dannii's Wardrobe
Really happy with the App and communication; Just transferred from another app to sync products between my website and eBay and has been so much easier to navigate from the start. Hopefully my experience will continue this way.
Date: March 01, 2022
Author: Knowhere
We used this app to sync our online shop with eBay, and it works like a charm. The templates are very handy and easy to customize, the profiles are simple and straight forward to setup. Any issues I had with setup, their customer service team was able to provide a solution for me relatively fast. Very happy with this app!
Date: April 22, 2022
Author: StarryKnightJR
If you are looking for a good sync tool that allows you to bring your own app this makes it easy to manager eBay via Shopify.
Date: April 21, 2022
Author: The URBANARY
I used this app to sync between shopify and ebay. It has helped me keep my inventory accurate. it has helped me develop strong return and shipping policies that work with ebay.

Worst reviews:
Date: June 25, 2021
Author: Kahari
app doesn't work, products doesn't import and developers never reply to any email or chat. app has good things in it if it works
Date: August 25, 2021
Author: New Life Cardio
We tried to make this app work but lost our patience when the customer service actually started to reply with sarcasm (yes, sarcasm). When we switched to Cadisto for our eBay connection, we learned exactly how bad this app was. It is way too complicated, it is buggy and they try to make your feel like every problem their software has, is your fault.
Date: December 06, 2021
Author: Mad Socks Australia
Stay away from this app. This app is constantly out of sync between our shopify store and ebay. We've had to cancel more than 20 orders in the last couple of month. The worst part is their non existent customer service, they do not respond to emails at all. The chat is never available. Do yourself a favour and to provide you a broken service.
Date: May 31, 2022
Author: Retro Street Wares
Okay, I'm HIGHLY annoyed. I wasted over 2 hours setting this horrid app up all for Shopify to tell me that I am now allowed to manage and add my products that I am dropshipping to EBay. Guess I'll just have to add them manually and do it all without an app. If you're dropshipping DO NOT download and use this app. It's a huge waste of time. I don't recommend this in the slightest. Thanks for wasting my already minimal time.
Date: May 25, 2022
Author: Easycarparts
I can not recommend this app at all, there are nothing but issue to delete an item it takes minimum 15 minutes and has to be deleted in 3 different places. Products imported from ebay no shipping method and they very bravely advised me to do it manually on 10000 items. Any issue you take to them ends up with "our developers are working on the most urgent developments" first try to pass the ball to shopify. Items sold on ebay in different countries wont be ended on shopify so you have to do it manually. HTML Templates cannot be saved and it wont go to ebay correctly. They have lost the plot, they dont know the meaning of channel integration and why sellers are looking for one. I can go on like this but dont see the point, If you want headache you are at the correct place.

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