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Below you can find Edit Order by Cleverific Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Edit Orders apps. Edit Order by Cleverific app was developed by Cleverific, Inc. The rating is 4.5 based on 280 reviews. Edit Order by Cleverific price From $29/month. 14-day free trial.

Launch date: February, 2014

Edit Order by Cleverific summary.
  • Expanded order editing. A full suite of extended editing tools not found in Shopify's basic editing. Get the ability to customize your orders to your business.
  • Smart order automation. Grow with the power of automation for promotions, bundle fulfillment, and editing so you can focus on other parts of your business.
  • Indispensable order tools. Create loyal customers and work with your preferred partners with order processing tools like product shortcuts and payment templates.

Edit Order by Cleverific features.
  • Save your customer service team from headaches
  • Give customers more control (coming soon)
  • Give your sales team more power to close sales.
  • Support your logistics and fulfillment teams with faster order processing
  • Marketing automation for easy campaigns
  • Rely on us
  • About us
Best reviews:
Date: April 25, 2022
Author: Fungoal
He provided very speedy support to me, who lives on the other side of the globe. Thank you very much.
Date: July 06, 2022
Author: 310 Nutrition
This app has the best user experience of any edit order app I have used thus far. I use this app to edit orders due to OOS items or back order issues. Edit Order by Cleverific's 'advanced mode" makes it easy to adjust pricing, discounts, and even adjust which kind of notifications customers get. If you have edit order needs that native edit from shopify cannot manipulate GET THIS APP!
Date: June 10, 2022
Author: FFS Beauty
Edit Order is absolutely fundamental to our workflow. It just works, cant recall a single issue. Obviosuly Shopify should handle this natively, but that applies to about a 1000 other things, once you accept it doesnt - just install Edit Order and get on with running your store
Date: May 24, 2022
Author: Hitch
I run e-comm ops for multiple clients and I always suggest they install Edit Order by Cleverific. It gives the power and control back to your customer service team to edit and invoice for add-on products, shipping etc as well as correct mistakes made at checkout. It even allows you to edit orders older than 60 days, which other Edit tools built into Shopify do not. I couldn't imagine running a store without this.
Date: September 08, 2022
We used this app to help edit our orders whenever customers send in their requests. We love the “send payment” feature especially when we have created the order and require a prepayment from our customers. Customer service is friendly and responsive, all in all a great app with good support.

Worst reviews:
Date: May 04, 2021
Author: Sarah Musa
bad customer service. they use a 3rd party app to pick up calls and take your info down and no one gets back. i didn't use this app and asked to cancel it and just realized i was charged all these months after telling them i wanted to cancel!
Date: May 07, 2020
Author: Bonrisu
Would not recommend it. The app messes with both the total sales number and the order numbering. Both are SUPER critical for tracking your store.
Date: October 23, 2019
Author: Exact Tooling
The fact that you are selling an app that allows people to edit orders and NOT PROVIDE the function to send an order confirmation / receipt of their updated order with new total price is unbelievable. This should not be premium feature, its a BASIC REQUIREMENT after editing an order that they customer sees the new breakdown of prices and total cost.
Date: April 28, 2019
Author: Solstice Hot Tubs
This is genuinely a bad app, we are a small business and time counts it takes too long for a reply to help. It essentially messed up my orders and reports, best thing to do Is cancel an order and start again.
Date: November 09, 2021
Author: BrightEyes
Their pricing plan is scam. There is no monthly plan. When you want to sign up for a plan, they only offer an annual plan, at 10% discount of the monthly plan. Unethical way of doing business.

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