Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup

Below you can find Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Email Popup apps. Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup app was developed by Personizely. The rating is 5 based on 189 reviews. Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup price From $29/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Launch date: September, 2018

Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup summary.
  • Collect Email Addresses. Most of your visitors aren’t ready to buy yet, make them subscribe to your newsletter and convert them into sales later
  • Cross Sell & Upsell Popups. Make the most of every order by recommending, smart cross sell & upsell and motivating them to spend more with a sales motivator bar
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment. Detect potential buyers who are about to leave without making a purchase and show an offer to prevent cart abandonment using an exit popup

Cross sell, Exit & Email Popup features.
  • What is Personizely?
  • Why Personizely?
  • What can you do with Personizely?
  • Integrate Personizely with your favorite email service provider:
Best reviews:
Date: August 04, 2021
Author: Bowery Ave.
Offers super simple customization and several behavior triggers. Multiple use cases for a reasonable cost. Responsive support as well.
Date: August 04, 2021
Author: Unaverage Society
The best app on the market. I've tried other alternatives, the most popular ones, but they all lacked some features, or were too expensive. Personizely has got everything you may need. Also, super easy to use and personalise every little detail. The chat/email support is awesome as well. Shout-out to Damian. :)
Date: August 04, 2021
Author: activé FiberShake
I do not know what to say honestly. I am working at a marketing agency in Hungary, and we use the Personizely for many of our clients. The best personalization sofware that we have ever used, generating millions of extra revenue for our clients. And we still have not used all of the functions of Personizely. Besides their chat support is the best! :D
Date: October 01, 2021
Author: Jay & Joy
Great customer service first of all! I want to thank Damian and Sergiu for their precious help. The app is easy to use, and if not there's a lot of tutorial to learn how to use it. Hope it will boost our e-shop sales See you soon !
Date: September 29, 2021
App is great and really acts as a virtual sales rep in a sense. The platform makes setup and implementation of ideas and strategies extremely easy and just a few clicks away for so many different types of templates and widgets.

Worst reviews:
Date: July 29, 2019
App has a glitch which causes the cart no to function properly. Another glitch causes the app to install in backup versions of your theme. This caused a myriad of issues and an expensive process for diagnosing. Support was friendly, but seemed to either not completely understand the issue or lacked understanding on how this affected us with regards to time/money. They offered a discount, but other issues with the app means even a discount doesn't make the app worthwhile. For example, you have to create upsell widgets one by one by one. This may be sufficient for a site with only a few products. If you have the number of products we have (4000), its just not realistic to consider an app that requires us to do anything one product at a time. We'll swallow the cost of our developers 5 hours of diagnostics and move on.

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