Paymentiyo: Hide Other Payment

Below you can find Paymentiyo: Hide Other Payment Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Hide Paypal Button apps. Paymentiyo: Hide Other Payment app was developed by Tech Brothers. The rating is 1 based on 3 reviews. Paymentiyo: Hide Other Payment price $2.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Launch date: April, 2019

Paymentiyo: Hide Other Payment summary.
  • Hide Paypal. Hide Paypal button base on customer or for all customers.
  • Hide Amazon Pay. Hide Amazon pay button base on customer or for all customers.
  • Hide Google Pay. Hide Google Pay button base on customer or for all customers.

Paymentiyo: Hide Other Payment features.
  • we don't want to bore you with the long and complex description so I tell in short what it does and why you should use this app
  • Why you need to hide Payment options
  • What app do?
  • Why this app?
  • 7 days free trial

Worst reviews:
Date: November 16, 2019
it worked for a little while then PayPal and Google Pay are back visible... none of the settings were changed so there's nothing to be set back in place. The day i installed was fine but didn't last passed the free trial ...
Date: April 17, 2019
Author: Micron Laser
This app does not work. I would give it 5 negative stars if I could. Don't waste your time installing.
Date: April 10, 2019
Author: Your Digital Workplace Partner
This app doesn't work :( When I click 'hide from selected group' it still shows for all customers.

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