Image Alt Text Optimizer

Below you can find Image Alt Text Optimizer Shopify app Reviews, Alternatives and prices. Discounts, coupons and promos are also available for some of Hide Paypal Button apps. Image Alt Text Optimizer app was developed by Image Optimizer. The rating is 4.8 based on 162 reviews. Image Alt Text Optimizer price $1.99/month.

Launch date: August, 2016

Image Alt Text Optimizer summary.

Automatically update product image alt texts to improve SEO and Accessibility. The alt text (alt tag) describes the content and function of an image on a page. Every image should have an alt text for accessibility, not just for SEO. Visually impaired users rely on alt text to understand the image. Save hours by automatically generating alt text for your product photos and focus on growing your store.

Image Alt Text Optimizer features.
  • Automatically add and optimize all your product image alt texts.
  • Customize your alt text template with various variables.
  • Schedule an update when you need it.
  • Save hours manually inputting alt text for all your product photos.
  • Get your product images ranked better on search engines.
Best reviews:
Date: June 13, 2022
Author: instant-ohh
To add alt text to 10k+ images would have sent me mad. This app is a God send. It took an hour or so but all looking good so far Show more
Date: September 04, 2022
Author: Bedrock Rose
I recently migrated to Shopify from Wix. My Alt text tags didn't come over with my products. I was reluctant to spend hours reentering tags to help with my SEO. Alt Text was a great choice to take care of this for me in just a few minutes. It worked well, and I didn't need help with the process. I also appreciated that it suggested I back up my site first. Show more
Date: March 13, 2023
What a great service, especially for accessibility. I can not even imagine how long it would have taken us to do this ourselves. And the best part is it does not touch our themes. Show more
Date: March 05, 2023
Author: true-deals-club
Great App, this is a must-have for all Shopify sellers out there! your images will get optimized in seconds! Show more
Date: February 27, 2023
Author: ButterMakesMeHappy
Truly a life saver. It helped me add Alt Text to at least 3000 different photos in less than 15 minutes. This would have taken me weeks. I also had some questions & custom service did message me back within a few hours. Usually with app companies they can be about 48 hours to respond (even the good ones & Im OK with that). But I was so shocked how quick they responded! Show more

Worst reviews:
Date: June 06, 2021
Author: Statement Pieces Unlimited
I installed this app and it was loading for over 24hours and it created the same alt tag for all of my unique products. No one responded to my message either. waste of time Not good for women's boutique with different products Show more
Date: December 27, 2017
Author: Maoulida
Je n'ai pas vu le résultat encore Show more
Date: March 04, 2017
Author: Bombersnhoodies
Didn't work at all. Signed up, and agreed to let it optimize for me, but for 2 days it was stuck on the loading screen. Nothing happened! Save your money and don't buy this app unless it gets fixed. Show more
Date: December 04, 2016
Author: Virgo Starlight
TERRIBLE! Attached the name of one of my products to all product image's alt text! Show more
Date: September 05, 2016
Author: Nerdonation
Not sure what its doing. I started the app for the first time and it directed me to write a review. Maybe wait until I have used the app first before prompting me to write a review Show more

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